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Today's Featured Collectors

Collected Culicidae and identified Leptodactylidae

Zabdi Lopez
Zabdi Lopez

Guatemala; Norway


Collected Elateridae and identified Bufonidae

Collected Microcarididae and identified Microcarididae

Robert Lloyd Praeger
Robert Lloyd Praeger

August 25, 1865 – May 05, 1953

Republic of Ireland; Irish Free State; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland


Collected Rosaceae and identified Cyperaceae

Edward Forster
Edward Forster

October 12, 1765 – February 21, 1849

Kingdom of Great Britain; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland


Collected Brassicaceae and identified Brassicaceae

Carolyn Coroneos Dormon
Carolyn Coroneos Dormon

July 19, 1888 – November 21, 1971

United States


Collected Asteraceae