Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Marthamyces barbatus Johnston, P.R.|May, T.W. 1996-05-19 Marthamycetaceae MEL MEL 2116875A paratype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hispidula acmenicola Johnston, P.R.|May, T.W. 1996-05-19 Helotiaceae MEL MEL 2082535A holotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Gymnopilus junonius Tonkin, J.E.|May, T.W. 1996-04-19 Hymenogastraceae MEL MEL 2031374A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ascomycetes May, T.W.|Johnston, P.R. 1996-05-19 MEL MEL 2502978A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Fistulinella mollis May, T.W. 1996-05-18 Boletaceae MEL MEL 2502963A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rhodocollybia butyracea May, T.W.|Johnston, P.R. National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1996-05-19 2021-06-01 Omphalotaceae MEL MEL 2502975A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Exidia May, T.W. 1995-06 Auriculariaceae MEL MEL 2502954A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hypocrea May, T.W.|Johnston, P.R. 1996-05-20 Hypocreaceae MEL MEL 2502983A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phylloporus May, T.W.|Maroske, S.L. 1995-07-01 Boletaceae MEL MEL 2502951A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Melanoleuca May, T.W. 1996-05-18 Tricholomataceae MEL MEL 2502969A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Entoloma May, T.W.|Mcmullan-Fisher, S.J.M.|Fuhrer, B.A. 1996-04-16 Entolomataceae MEL MEL 2502960A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Mycena sanguinolenta May, T.W.|Lindner, A. 1995-07-01 Mycenaceae MEL MEL 2502952A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Inocybe May, T.W.|Fuhrer, B.A.|Grimes, J.W.|Jones, R. 1999-04-12 Inocybaceae MEL MEL 2502990A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Physalacria May, T.W.|Mcmullan-Fisher, S.J.M.|Fuhrer, B.A. 1996-04-16 Physalacriaceae MEL MEL 2502958A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Gymnopus eucalyptorum May, T.W. 1996-05-18 Omphalotaceae MEL MEL 2502968A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Trametes versicolor May, T.W.|Lebel, T. 1999-06-08 Polyporaceae MEL MEL 2502994A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Aulographina eucalypti May, T.W.|Maroske, S.L. 1995-11-25 Asterinaceae MEL MEL 2502955A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Volvariella May, T.W.|Maroske, S.L. 1996-04-19 Pluteaceae MEL MEL 2502961A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lactarius deliciosus Jobson, P.C.|May, T.W.|Sinnott, N.H. May, T.W. 1995-07-20 1995-07-20 Russulaceae MEL MEL 2025944A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Dermocybe Jones, R.H.|Fuhrer, B.A.|Mcmullan-Fisher, S.J.M.|May, T.W. 1999-07-12 Cortinariaceae MEL MEL 2314609A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Marthamyces emarginatus Johnston, P.R.|May, T.W. 1996-05-19 Marthamycetaceae MEL MEL 2116875B PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Gasteromycetes Tonkin, J.E.|May, T.W. May, T.W. 1996-04-18 1996-04-18 Gasteromycetes MEL MEL 2031372A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Boletales May, T.W.|Fuhrer, B.A.|Edwards, C.|Neish, P.G. 1997-04-15 MEL MEL 2037549A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lactarius necator May, T.W. 1999-04-21 Russulaceae MEL MEL 2058917A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Asterophora mirabilis May, T.W.|Fuhrer, B.A. 1996-03-29 Lyophyllaceae MEL MEL 2119136A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Boletus erythropus May, T.W.|Lebel, T.|Jones, R. 1999-03-29 Boletaceae MEL MEL 2059644A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Mycena May, T.W.|Fuhrer, B.A. 1996-03-29 Mycenaceae MEL MEL 2192214A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Omphalina May, T.W. 2000-04-06 Tricholomataceae MEL MEL 2078299A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Peziza May, T.W.|Fuhrer, B.A. 1996-05-08 Pezizaceae MEL MEL 2066927A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Resupinatus violaceogriseus May, T.W.|Buchanan, P.|Jones, R. McDonald, J.V. 1998-04-27 2012-05-08 Omphalotaceae MEL MEL 2119132A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN