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Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Crepidotus Lewis, S.H.|Lebel, T.|May, T.W. Thorn, R.G. 2003-05-01 2016-02-02 Crepidotaceae MEL MEL 2231620B PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lycoperdon Lewis, S.H.|May, T.W. 2003-04-16 Agaricaceae MEL MEL 2231583A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Galerina patagonica Lewis, S.H.|May, T.W. 2003-06-02 Hymenogastraceae MEL MEL 2220662A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rhodocybe May, T.W.|Maroske, I.M. 2003-05-04 Entolomataceae MEL MEL 2363192A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Crepidotus parietalis May, T.W. May, T.W. 2004-05-25 2004-05-25 Crepidotaceae MEL MEL 2363174A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Porpoloma May, T.W. May, T.W. 2003-06-08 2003-06-08 Tricholomataceae MEL MEL 2363161A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cortinarius metallicus Lewis, S.H.|May, T.W. 2003-04-16 Cortinariaceae MEL MEL 2231622A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Craterellus cornucopioides Syme, K.|May, T.W. 2005-05-05 Hydnaceae MEL MEL 2290600A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Calocera Lewis, S.H.|May, T.W. 2003-04-16 Dacrymycetaceae MEL MEL 2201165A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Laccaria canaliculata Mueller, G.M.|May, T.W. 2005-06-21 Hydnangiaceae MEL MEL 2293624A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Marasmiellus Lewis, S.H.|Lebel, T.|May, T.W. 2003-05-01 Omphalotaceae MEL MEL 2231596A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phylloporus rhodoxanthus Lewis, S.H.|Lebel, T.|May, T.W. 2003-05-01 Boletaceae MEL MEL 2231592A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Roridomyces austrororidus Lewis, S.H.|Lebel, T.|May, T.W. 2003-05-01 Mycenaceae MEL MEL 2231598A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Dermocybe Jones, R.H.|May, T.W.|Lebel, T. 2000-07-29 Cortinariaceae MEL MEL 2317546A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Steccherinum Lewis, S.H.|May, T.W. 2003-03-19 Steccherinaceae MEL MEL 2201156A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Clavulina Lewis, S.H.|May, T.W. 2003-06-02 Hydnaceae MEL MEL 2220664A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Laccaria Mueller, G.M.|May, T.W. Mueller, G.M. 2005-06-22 2005-06-22 Hydnangiaceae MEL MEL 2293654A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Stropharia semiglobata Lewis, S.H.|Lebel, T.|May, T.W. 2003-05-01 Strophariaceae MEL MEL 2231590A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Limacella Lewis, S.H.|Lebel, T.|May, T.W. May, T.W. 2003-05-01 2004-10-25 Amanitaceae MEL MEL 2231595A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pholiota malicola Lewis, S.H.|Lebel, T.|May, T.W. 2003-05-01 Strophariaceae MEL MEL 2231588A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Simocybe phlebophora Lewis, S.H.|Lebel, T.|May, T.W. 2003-05-01 Crepidotaceae MEL MEL 2231600A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Tricholoma Lewis, S.H.|Lebel, T.|May, T.W. 2003-05-01 Tricholomataceae MEL MEL 2231589A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lentinellus Lewis, S.H.|May, T.W.|Gazdik, V. 2001-07-05 Auriscalpiaceae MEL MEL 2112650A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Chalciporus piperatus Lewis, S.H.|Lebel, T.|May, T.W. 2003-05-01 Boletaceae MEL MEL 2231587A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cortinarius Jones, R.H.|May, T.W.|Lebel, T. May, T.W. 2000-07-29 2022-08-16 Cortinariaceae MEL MEL 2120775A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Agaricus May, T.W. Lebel, T. 2003-06-10 2011-01-05 Agaricaceae MEL MEL 2326250A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Psathyrella May, T.W. 2000-04-06 Psathyrellaceae MEL MEL 2078300A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Zelleromyces Lewis, S.H.|May, T.W.|Gazdik, V. Lebel, T. 2001-07-05 2001-09-04 Russulaceae MEL MEL 2112651A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Laccaria lateritia Mueller, G.M.|May, T.W. 2005-06-21 Hydnangiaceae MEL MEL 2293635A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Russula marangania Tonkin, J.E.|Lewis, S.H.|May, T.W. 2003-04-16 Russulaceae MEL MEL 2238370A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN