Specimen Data Used In

Filartiga, A. L., A. Klimeš, J. Altman, M. P. Nobis, A. Crivellaro, F. Schweingruber, and J. Doležal. 2022. Comparative anatomy of leaf petioles in temperate trees and shrubs: the role of plant size, environment and phylogeny. Annals of Botany 129: 567–582. https://doi.org/10.1093/aob/mcac014

Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Rhamnus Ulf Swenson, Karin Santos, Johannes Lundberg, Livia Wanntorp, Nguyen Quoc Binh, Do Van Truong & Lu Thi Ngan 2013 Rhamnaceae S S14-25954 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN