Specimen Data Used In

El Zein, H., & Bou Dagher-Kharrat, M. (2021). New records of vascular plants for the flora of Lebanon: a rare species rediscovered after seventy years, Daphne pontica L. (Thymelaeaceae), and three new occurrences, Atropa bella-donna L. (Solanaceae), Circaea lutetiana L. (Onagraceae), and Euonymus latifolius (L.) Mill. (Celastraceae). Check List, 17(2), 655–667. doi:10.15560/17.2.655 https://doi.org/10.15560/17.2.655

Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected identified Circaea lutetiana R. T. Nissen R. T. Nissen 1895 1895-08-14 O 467147