Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Lanomyces tjibodensis Gäum. Gaumann E.A. 1920-02 Erysiphaceae BR BR5020074023120 Type of Lanomyces tjibodensis Gäum.
collected Uromyces ophiorrhizae Gäum. Gaumann E.A. 1921-03 Pucciniaceae BR BR5020078189075 Isotype of Uromyces ophiorrhizae Gäum.
collected Puccinia tjibodensis Gäum. Gaumann E.A. 1921-03 Pucciniaceae BR BR5020079694578 Isotype of Puccinia tjibodensis Gäum.
collected Gloeosporidium calochroum Syd. Gaumann E.A. 1919-11 Gnomoniaceae BR BR5020081818474 Isotype of Gloeosporidium calochroum Syd.