Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Varronia canescens Andersson Andersson N.J. 1852 Ehretiaceae BR BR0000006968076 Type of Varronia canescens Andersson
collected Macraea laricifolia Hook.f. Andersson N.J. Asteraceae BR BR0000005329526 Type of Trigonopterum ponteni Andersson
collected Alternanthera argentea (Andersson) Andersson N.J. 1853 Amaranthaceae BR BR0000006950729 Type of Telanthera argentea Andersson
collected Scalesia incisa Hook.f. Andersson N.J. 1853 Asteraceae BR BR0000005527618 Type of Scalesia divisa Andersson
collected Scalesia affinis Hook.f. Andersson N.J. 1852 Asteraceae BR BR0000005527281 Type of Scalesia decurrens Andersson
collected Scalesia aspera Andersson Andersson N.J. 1852 Asteraceae BR BR0000005527946 Type of Scalesia aspera Andersson
collected Rhynchosia minima (L.) DC. Andersson N.J. 1852 Fabaceae BR BR0000005171958 Type of Rhynchosia aureo-guttata Andersson
collected Polygala galapageia Hook.f. var. insularis (A.W.Benn.) B.L.Rob. Andersson N.J. 1852 Polygalaceae BR BR0000005418039 Type of Polygala insularis A.W.Benn.
collected Pectis subsquarrosa (Hook.f.) Sch.Bip. Andersson N.J. 1852 Asteraceae BR BR0000005505586 Type of Pectis subsquarrosa (Hook.f.) Sch.Bip.
collected Panicum hirticaule C.Presl Andersson N.J. 1852-05 Poaceae BR BR0000006883812 Type of Panicum hirticaulon J.Presl var. glabrescens Andersson
collected Mollugo flavescens Andersson Andersson N.J. 1853 Molluginaceae BR BR0000013459826 Type of Mollugo flavescens Andersson
collected Ipomoea incarnata (Vahl) Choisy Andersson N.J. 1852 Convolvulaceae BR BR0000005837632 Type of Ipomoea kinbergii Andersson
collected Ipomoea triloba L. Andersson N.J. 1852 Convolvulaceae BR BR0000005837649 Type of Ipomoea galapagensis Andersson
collected Evolvulus simplex Andersson Andersson N.J. 1852 Convolvulaceae BR BR0000006972813 Type of Evolvulus simplex Andersson
collected Encelia hispida Andersson Andersson N.J. 1852 Asteraceae BR BR0000005267767 Type of Encelia hispida Andersson
collected Cyperus anderssonii Boeckeler Andersson N.J. 1853 Cyperaceae BR BR0000006595579 Type of Cyperus anderssonii Boeckeler
collected Croton scouleri Hook.f. var. scouleri Andersson N.J. 1852 Euphorbiaceae BR BR0000006994006 Type of Croton albescens Andersson
collected Cenchrus platyacanthus Anderss. Andersson N.J. 1832-05 Poaceae BR BR0000006865481 Type of Cenchrus platyacanthus Anderss.
collected Spermacoce dispersa (Hook.f.) Kuntze Andersson N.J. 1852 Rubiaceae BR BR0000005304950 Type of Borreria ovalis Andersson
collected Sarcostemma angustissima (Andersson) R.W.Holm Andersson N.J. 1852 Apocynaceae BR BR0000006966386 Type of Asclepias angustissima Andersson
collected Aristida divulsa Anderss. Andersson N.J. 1852 Poaceae BR BR0000006864750 Type of Aristida divulsa Anderss.
collected Pennisetum exaltatum Hook.f. & B.D.Jacks. Andersson N.J. 1852 Poaceae BR BR0000006885892 Type of Amphochaeta exaltata Andersson
collected Pseudabutilon depauperatum (Hook.f.) Kearney Andersson N.J. 1852 Malvaceae BR BR0000013324209 Type of Abutilon anderssonianum Garcke
collected Ageratum conyzoides L. Andersson N.J. 1852 Asteraceae BR BR0000005630141 Syntype of Ageratum latifolium Cav. var. galapageium B.L.Rob.
collected Mollugo flavescens Andersson Andersson N.J. 1853 Molluginaceae BR BR0000013459833 Possible type of Mollugo gracilis Andersson
collected Kallstroemia adscendens (Andersson) B.L.Rob. Andersson N.J. 1853 Zygophyllaceae BR BR0000005530175 Isotype of Tribulus adscendens Andersson
collected Alternanthera vestita (Andersson) J.T.Howell Andersson N.J. 1852 Amaranthaceae BR BR0000006950798 Isotype of Telanthera vestita Andersson
collected Alternanthera filifolia (Hook.f.) J.T.Howell subsp. glaucescens (Hook.f.) Eliasson Andersson N.J. 1852 Amaranthaceae BR BR0000006950712 Isotype of Telanthera strictiuscula Andersson
collected Heliotropium anderssonii B.L.Rob. Andersson N.J. 1852 Heliotropiaceae BR BR0000006966881 Isotype of Sarcanthus asperrimus Andersson
collected Lippia salicifolia Andersson Andersson N.J. 1852 Verbenaceae BR BR0000008023070 Isotype of Lippia salicifolia Andersson