Specimen Data Used In

Wu, M., J. Huang, S. R. Manchester, H. Tang, Y. Gao, T. Wang, Z. Zhou, and T. Su. 2023. A new fossil record of Palaeosinomenium (Menispermaceae) from the Upper Eocene in the southeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau and its biogeographic and paleoenvironmental implications. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 310: 104827. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.revpalbo.2022.104827

Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Menispermum canadense L. William Trelease 1897 Menispermaceae MO 3553042 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN