Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Garcinia engleriana A.C.Sm. [Archbold, R.] 1939-02-00 Clusiaceae K K000677812 unknown type material PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Anisomys imitator Archbold; Richardson 1938-12-01 Muridae AMNH M-151437 paratype of mallomys gunung PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Sogerianthe cupuliformis Barlow Archbold Barlow, B. 1956-04-19 1968-12-13 Loranthaceae K K000844754 isotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Xenuromys barbatus guba Archbold; Richardson 1939-04-14 Muridae AMNH M-152043 holotype of xenuromys barbatus ((milne-edwards)) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Thylogale stigmatica oriomo Archbold; Rand 1934-02-02 Macropodidae AMNH M-104429 holotype of thylogale stigmatica oriomo ((tate & archbold)) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Spilocuscus rufoniger Archbold; Richardson 1939-05-05 Phalangeridae AMNH M-151813 holotype of spilocuscus rufoniger ((tate)) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Sminthopsis rufigenis Archbold; Rand 1933-03-14 Dasyuridae AMNH M-104005 holotype of sminthopsis virginiae rufigenis ((the coryndon museum)) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rattus steini baliemensis Archbold; Richardson 1938-12-14 Muridae AMNH M-110283 holotype of rattus steini baliemensis PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rattus mordax mordax Archbold; Rand 1933-04-08 Muridae AMNH M-104210 holotype of rattus sordidus gestri ((the coryndon museum)) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pseudochirulus forbesi Archbold; Rand 1933-09-06 10/5/2012 Pseudocheiridae AMNH M-104037 holotype of pseudochirulus forbesi forbesi (the coryndon museum) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pseudochirops cupreus cupreus Archbold; Rand 1933-09-17 Pseudocheiridae AMNH M-104114 holotype of pseudochirops cupreus cupreus (the coryndon museum) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pogonomelomys bruijni brassi Archbold; Tate 1936-08-10 Muridae AMNH M-105033 holotype of pogonomelomys bruijnii ((peters & doria)) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Planigale novaeguineae Archbold; Tate 1937-01-20 Dasyuridae AMNH M-108561 holotype of planigale novaeguineae PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phascolosorex dorsalis whartoni Archbold; Rand 1933-05-23 Dasyuridae AMNH M-104046 holotype of phascolosorex dorsalis whartoni ((tate & archbold)) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phalanger sericeus occidentalis Archbold; Richardson 1938-12-03 Phalangeridae AMNH M-109473 holotype of phalanger sericeus occidentalis PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phalanger intercastellanus Archbold; Rand Chris Norris 1933-11-22 Phalangeridae AMNH M-104103 holotype of phalanger orientalis orientalis ((pallas)) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phalanger intercastellanus Archbold; Rand Chris Norris 1933-10-24 Phalangeridae AMNH M-104100 holotype of phalanger orientalis orientalis ((pallas)) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phalanger mimicus peninsulae Archbold; Rand Chris Norris 1933-02-27 Phalangeridae AMNH M-104401 holotype of phalanger orientalis mimicus (the coryndon museum) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Petaurus breviceps tafa Archbold; Rand 1933-05-19 Petauridae AMNH M-104028 holotype of petaurus breviceps tafa (tate & archbold) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Petaurus breviceps flavidus Archbold; Rand 1934-02-17 Petauridae AMNH M-104465 holotype of petaurus breviceps flavidus (tate & archbold) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Paranyctimene raptor Archbold; Tate 1936-08-11 Pteropodidae AMNH M-105165 holotype of paranyctimene raptor (tate, 1942) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Paraleptomys wilhelmina Archbold; Richardson 1938-10-15 Muridae AMNH M-150512 holotype of paraleptomys wilhelmina PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Murexechinus melanurus Archbold; Richardson 1938-10-19 7/23/2012 Dasyuridae AMNH M-109811 holotype of murexechinus wilhelmina PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Miniopterus tristis grandis Archbold; Richardson 1938-07-08 Miniopteridae AMNH M-109960 holotype of miniopterus tristis grandis (peterson) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Melomys rubex tafa Archbold; Rand 1933-09-02 Muridae AMNH M-104341 holotype of melomys rubex (the coryndon museum) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Melomys lorentzii Archbold; Tate 1936-10-24 Muridae AMNH M-105425 holotype of melomys lorentzii ((jentink)) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Melomys leucogaster latipes Archbold; Rand 1933-04-11 Muridae AMNH M-104273 holotype of melomys leucogaster latipes (tate & archbold) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Melomys rufescens niviventer Archbold; Tate 1936-10-30 Muridae AMNH M-105431 holotype of melomys aerosus PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Leptomys signatus Archbold; Tate 1936-10-12 Muridae AMNH M-105792 holotype of leptomys signatus PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Kerivoula muscina Archbold; Tate 1936-09-06 Vespertilionidae AMNH M-105315 holotype of kerivoula muscina (tate, 1941) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN