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Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Cladonia caespiticia (Pers.) Flörke Fries EM Ahti TT 1794-01-01/1794-01-31 Cladoniaceae L 0942168 isolectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ascobolus glaber Pers. Fries EM Ascobolaceae L.1149695 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Thelephora ochroleuca Pers. Fries EM Stereaceae L 0118766 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Thelephora pini Fries EM Peniophoraceae L 0118797 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Thelephora salicina Fries EM Donk MA Vuilleminiaceae L 0118698 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Stilbum pellucidum Schrad. Fries EM L 0113696 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Thelephora avellana Fr. Fries EM Donk MA Hymenochaetaceae L 0113763 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Stilbum byssinum Pers. Fries EM Seifert KA 1983/07/01 Tympanidaceae L 0113686 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Leptostroma scirpinum Fr. Fries EM Rhytismataceae L 0111268 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Mentha aquatica L. Fries EM Lamiaceae L.2787803 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hieracium umbellatum L. subsp. umbellatum var. armeriifolium Fries EM Asteraceae L.3450987 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Himantoglossum hircinum (L.) Spreng. Fries EM 1882-05-16 Orchidaceae L.1512861 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Stellaria longifolia Muhl. ex Willd. Fries EM 1856-08-01/1856-08-31 Caryophyllaceae AMD.50810 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN