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Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Nigella arvensis L. Chevallier L. 1882-06 Ranunculaceae MeiseBG BR0000031722575 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Linaria ochroleuca Bréb. Chevallier L. Plantaginaceae MeiseBG BR0000036053896 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Consolida sp. Chevallier L. 1882-06 Ranunculaceae MeiseBG BR0000031599641 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cistus x pulverulentus Pourr. Chevallier L. Cistaceae MeiseBG BR0000028563983 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cyperus capitatus Vand. Chevallier L. 1894-03-26 Cyperaceae MeiseBG BR0000035480600 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Stachys germanica L. Chevallier L. 1883-06 Lamiaceae MeiseBG BR0000008464644 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Astragalus narbonensis C.A.Mey. Chevallier L. 1887-05-31 Fabaceae MeiseBG BR0000029427925 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Eleocharis ovata (Roth) Roem. & Schult. Chevallier L. 1892-08 Cyperaceae MeiseBG BR0000035417620 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Polygonum amphibium L. Chevallier L. 1887-08 Polygonaceae MeiseBG BR0000031383165 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hypericum hirsutum L. Chevallier L. 1890-07-23 Hypericaceae MeiseBG BR0000031306836 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Eryngium campestre L. Chevallier L. 1892-08 Apiaceae MeiseBG BR0000035224310 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Spergularia battandieri Foucaud ex E.A.Durand & Barratte Chevallier L. 1903-11-19 Caryophyllaceae MeiseBG BR0000028440277 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rumex maritimus L. Chevallier L. 1892-08 Polygonaceae MeiseBG BR0000031424851 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Carlina vulgaris L. Chevallier L. 1889-09 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000028798033 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hydrocharis morsus-ranae L. Chevallier L. 1907-07 Hydrocharitaceae MeiseBG BR0000008121400 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Bupleurum protractum Hoffmanns. & Link Chevallier L. 1891-06 Apiaceae MeiseBG BR0000035185727 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Polygonum dubium Stein ex A.Br. x persicaria L. Chevallier L. 1892-09-16 Polygonaceae MeiseBG BR0000031410441 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Quercus cerris L. Chevallier L. 1886-08-27 Fagaceae MeiseBG BR0000006059996 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cymbopogon jwarancusa subsp. olivieri (Boiss.) S.Soenarko Chevallier L. 1893-04-25 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000033296302 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Fumaria muralis Sonder ex W.D.J.Koch Chevallier L. 1887-07-04 Papaveraceae MeiseBG BR0000030579828 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Trifolium striatum L. Chevallier L. 1883-06-28 Fabaceae MeiseBG BR0000030998346 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Nardus stricta L. Chevallier L. 1883-05-19 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000033032511 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Achillea atrata L. Chevallier L. 1868-08-01 Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000028605829 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Crypsis alopecuroides (Piller & Mitterp.) Schrad. Chevallier L. 1907-10-01 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000008120809 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pulmonaria longifolia Bast. ex Boreau Chevallier L. 1905-06 Boraginaceae MeiseBG BR0000008124852 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Danthonia decumbens (L.) DC. Chevallier L. 1882-06 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000033311364 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Vicia lutea L. Chevallier L. 1908-07 Fabaceae MeiseBG BR0000027510704V PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ranunculus nemorosus DC. Chevallier L. 1884-05-24 Ranunculaceae MeiseBG BR0000035527541 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Chenopodium polyspermum L. Chevallier L. 1892-09 Amaranthaceae MeiseBG BR0000028516880 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ranunculus lingua L. Chevallier L. 1883-08 Ranunculaceae MeiseBG BR0000035521150 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN