Rupert Charles Barneby
Barneby, Rupert Charles

(b. October 06, 1911 – d. December 05, 2000)

United Kingdom; United States of America; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Identified Fabaceae and collected Fabaceae

Edward Willet Dorland Holway
Holway, Edward Willet Dorland

(b. February 13, 1853 – d. March 30, 1923)

United States of America

Identified Pucciniaceae and collected Pucciniaceae

Charles Horton Peck
Peck, Charles Horton

(b. March 30, 1833 – d. July 11, 1917)

United States of America

Identified Tricholomataceae and collected Pucciniaceae

Welch, Winona Hazel

(b. May 05, 1896 – d. January 18, 1990)

Identified Fontinalaceae and collected Amblystegiaceae