Beever, Jessica

New Zealand

Identified Pottiaceae and collected Pottiaceae

Identified Cortinariaceae and collected Cortinariaceae

Esler, Alan Eric

(b. 1929 – d. September 12, 2016)

New Zealand

Identified Cyperaceae and collected Poaceae

Greenwood, Roger Michael

(b. 1920 – d. August 14, 2017)

New Zealand

Identified Leguminosae and collected Rhizobiaceae

Hill, Caleb Francis

(b. January 22, 1941 – d. August 17, 2009)

New Zealand

Identified Mycosphaerellaceae and collected Mycosphaerellaceae

Johnston, Peter

New Zealand

Identified Rhytismataceae and collected Rhytismataceae

Lebel, Teresa


Identified Russulaceae and collected Russulaceae

Leschen, Richard

New Zealand

Identified Elmidae and collected Staphylinidae

Identified Pisolithaceae and collected Cortinariaceae

Identified Amanitaceae and collected Amanitaceae

Collected Pleosporaceae

Identified Cryptococcaceae and collected Peronosporaceae