Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Xanthoparmelia wesselsii Hale Hale M.E. 1986-09-21 Parmeliaceae MeiseBG BR5030027353969 type of xanthoparmelia wesselsii hale PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Xanthoparmelia mollis Hale Hale M.E. 1986-02-03 Parmeliaceae MeiseBG BR5030029232354 isotype of xanthoparmelia mollis hale PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Strigula cf. tagananae (Harm.) R.C.Harris Hale M.E. 1983-07-20 Strigulaceae MeiseBG BR5030082570561 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Usnea arizonica Motyka Hale M.E. 1977-05-30 Parmeliaceae MeiseBG BR5030081352533 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pyrenula cf. cruenta (Mont.) Vain. Hale M.E. 1983-08-02 Pyrenulaceae MeiseBG BR5030084200428 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Roccella hypomecha (Ach.) Bory Hale M.E. 1986-01-21 Roccellaceae MeiseBG BR5030090083527 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Porina internigrans (Nyl.) Müll.Arg. Hale M.E. 1983-06-23 Pertusariaceae MeiseBG BR5030090591626 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Porina impolita P.M. McCarthy Hale M.E. 1983-06-12 Pertusariaceae MeiseBG BR5030090592654 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Porina tetracerae (Afz.) Müll.Arg. Hale M.E. 1983-06-30 Pertusariaceae MeiseBG BR5030092103490 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Porina tetracerae (Afz.) Müll.Arg. Hale M.E. 1983-07-19 Pertusariaceae MeiseBG BR5030092102462 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Porina sp. Hale M.E. 1988-06-30 Porinaceae MeiseBG BR5030092930676 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Santessonia namibensis Hale M.E. Caliciaceae MeiseBG BR5030061178610 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Porina exocha (Nyl.) P.M. McCarthy Hale M.E. 1983-06-30 Pertusariaceae MeiseBG BR5030120806577 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Porina nuculastrum (Müll.Arg.) R.C.Harris Hale M.E. 1983-07-09 Pertusariaceae MeiseBG BR5030120815555 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Parmotrema grayanum (Hue) Hale Hale M.E. 1986-02-21 Parmeliaceae MeiseBG BR5030161662583 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Megalotremis verrucosa (Makhija & Patw.) Aptroot Hale M.E. 1983-06-30 Monoblastiaceae MeiseBG BR5030119418583 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Parmotrema larense López-Fig. Hale M.E. 1975-03-25 Parmeliaceae MeiseBG BR5030161674654 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Megalotremis verrucosa (Makhija & Patw.) Aptroot Hale M.E. 1983-07-20 Monoblastiaceae MeiseBG BR5030119419610 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Mycoporum cf. lacteum (Ach. ex Fée) R.C.Harris Hale M.E. 1983-07-30 Mycoporaceae MeiseBG BR5030082036555 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Anthracothecium australiense (Müll.Arg.) Aptroot Hale M.E. 1983-07-07 Pyrenulaceae MeiseBG BR5020181433577 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Tuckermanopsis platyphylla (Tuck.) Gyeln. Hale M.E. 1977-06-27 Parmeliaceae MeiseBG BR5030081285626 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cetrelia olivetorum (Nyl.) W.L.Culb. & C.F.Culb. Hale M.E. 1975-03-27 Parmeliaceae MeiseBG BR5030066176604 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pyrenula nitidula (Bres.) R.C.Harris Hale M.E. 1983-07-10 Pyrenulaceae MeiseBG BR5030065573626 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Usnocetraria oakesiana (Tuck.) M.J.Lai & J.C.Wei Hale M.E. 1957-05 Parmeliaceae MeiseBG BR5030065483604 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Anisomeridium terminatum (Nyl.) R.C.Harris Hale M.E. Monoblastiaceae MeiseBG BR5030031101617 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Xanthoparmelia tasmanica (Hook.f. & Taylor) Hale Hale M.E. 1986-02-10 Parmeliaceae MeiseBG BR5030027340839 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Xanthoparmelia aggregata M.D.E.Knox Hale M.E. 1986-10-30 Parmeliaceae MeiseBG BR5030026897280 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Xanthomaculina convoluta (Hue) Hale Hale M.E. 1986-01-06 Parmeliaceae MeiseBG BR5030026934657 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Xanthoparmelia leonora (Spreng. ex A.Massal.) Hale Hale M.E. 1986-10-22 Parmeliaceae MeiseBG BR5030026798266 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Xanthoparmelia hyporhytida (Hale) Hale Hale M.E. 1986-10-31 Parmeliaceae MeiseBG BR5030026004084 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN