Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected identified Chenopodium vulvaria L. 1753 I.Gubanov I.A.Gubanov 08/14/1961 08/14/1961 Amaranthaceae MW 25 other material PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Amberboa gubanovii Gabrieljan Gubanov,I.A.|Gubanov,I.A. 64 E.Gabrielian 1963-04-29 Asteraceae ERE 0000083 holotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected identified Cyperus glomeratus L. Gubanov I.A. Identified by the collector 1963-08-08 Cyperaceae GBS RAN - Glavny Botanichesky Sad Rossijskoj Akademii Nauk MHA0019058 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected identified Lotus frondosus I.A.Gubanov 23-May-1963 Fabaceae Central Kopet-Dagh, Mergen-Ulya stream, 390 (MW) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected identified Stipa holosericea Trin. Gubanov I.A. 1963-05 Poaceae Moscow State University MW0802864 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN