Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Narcissus tazetta L. Blanche C.I. 1853 Amaryllidaceae BR BR0000013248239 Type of Narcissus syriacus Boiss. & Gaill.
collected Dianthus pendulus Boiss. & Blanche Blanche C.I. 1853-10-20 Caryophyllaceae BR BR0000006970185 Type of Dianthus pendulus Boiss. & Blanche
collected Sison scaligerioides Boiss. Blanche C.I. 1853-05-11 Apiaceae BR BR0000005623532 Possible type of Sison scaligerioides Boiss.
collected Astragalus berytheus Boiss. & Blanche Blanche C.I. Fabaceae BR BR0000005117093 Isotype of Astragalus berytheus Boiss. & Blanche
collected Astracantha drusorum (Boiss.) Podlech Blanche C.I. 1849-06 Fabaceae BR BR0000005189748 Isosyntype of Astragalus drusorum var. maroniticus Boiss. & Blanche
collected Cladonia furcata var. racemosa (Hoffm.) Flörke Blanche C.I. Cladoniaceae BR BR5030041080490
collected Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad. Blanche C.I. Cladoniaceae BR BR5030044670506
collected Cladonia convoluta (Lam.) Cout. Blanche C.I. Cladoniaceae BR BR5030039711382