Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Arnottia silvicola Kraenzl. Bouton L. 1835 Orchidaceae MeiseBG BR0000006410704 Type of Arnottia silvicola Kraenzl. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Toddalia asiatica (L.) Lam. Bouton L. 1835 Rutaceae MeiseBG BR0000019596686 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Fernelia obovata C.F.Gaertn. Bouton L. Rubiaceae MeiseBG BR0000019455402 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ammannia sp. Bouton L. 1835 Lythraceae MeiseBG BR0000016864306 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Crotalaria retusa L. Bouton L. Fabaceae MeiseBG BR0000018392821 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hypericum japonicum Thunb. Bouton L. Hypericaceae MeiseBG BR0000015724441 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Abutilon sp. Bouton L. 1835 Malvaceae MeiseBG BR0000016888661 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Tephrosia sp. Bouton L. 1835 Fabaceae MeiseBG BR0000017349857 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Nymphoides thunbergiana (Griseb.) Kuntze Bouton L. 1835 Menyanthaceae MeiseBG BR0000018266498 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Desmodium sp. Bouton L. 1839 Fabaceae MeiseBG BR0000018379457 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Dodonaea viscosa Jacq. Bouton L. Sapindaceae MeiseBG BR0000018168310 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Tradescantia axillaris (L.) L. Bouton L. 1835 Commelinaceae MeiseBG BR0000021500442 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ehretia sp. Bouton L. Ehretiaceae MeiseBG BR0000014207433 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Eugenia mespiloides Lam. Bouton L. Myrtaceae MeiseBG BR0000017929769 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Vernonia populifolia Spreng. Bouton L. Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000014968013 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Litsea glutinosa (Lour.) C.B.Rob. Bouton L. Lauraceae MeiseBG BR0000015624949 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lobelia setacea Zeyh. ex C.Presl Bouton L. Campanulaceae MeiseBG BR0000017766371 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lobelia cliffortiana L. Bouton L. 1835 Campanulaceae MeiseBG BR0000016426870 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Nymphaea lotus L. Bouton L. Nymphaeaceae MeiseBG BR0000016930438 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Diospyros chrysophylla Bouton L. Ebenaceae MeiseBG BR0000021713705 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Carissa spinarum L. Bouton L. Apocynaceae MeiseBG BR0000015161093 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Flemingia strobilifera (L.) R.Br. Bouton L. Fabaceae MeiseBG BR0000018619669 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rubiaceae indet. Bouton L. 1835 Rubiaceae MeiseBG BR0000015676535 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Callicarpa candicans (Burm.f.) Hochr. Bouton L. 1835 Lamiaceae MeiseBG BR0000016587526 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Eugenia cotinifolia Jacq. Bouton L. 1835 Myrtaceae MeiseBG BR0000017927338 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Zinnia peruviana (L.) L. Bouton L. Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000015000989 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Eugenia cotinifolia var. ferruginea Bouton L. Myrtaceae MeiseBG BR0000017927345 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Galactia sericea Bojer Bouton L. Fabaceae MeiseBG BR0000018619744 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Eugenia cotinifolia var. orbiculata Bouton L. Myrtaceae MeiseBG BR0000017927352 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Polygonum poiretii Meisn. Bouton L. Polygonaceae MeiseBG BR0000016479012 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN