Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
identified Nemoura truncata Claassen 1923 Samuel L. Henshaw P. W. Claassen 1879-05-13 1923-12-31 Nemouridae MCZ 15522 holotype of nemoura truncata PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Nemoura prolongata Claassen 1923 Charles Willison Johnson P. W. Claassen 1913-06-26 1923 Nemouridae MCZ 35622 holotype of nemoura prolongata PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Nemoura nevadensis Claassen 1923 Morrison P. W. Claassen 1878-01-01/1878-12-31 1923-12-31 Nemouridae MCZ 15521 holotype of nemoura nevadensis PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Nemoura carolinensis Claassen [no agent data] P. W. Claassen 1877-01-01/1877-12-31 1923-12-31 Nemouridae MCZ 25951 holotype of nemoura carolinensis PRESERVED_SPECIMEN