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Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected identified Cladonia Hilitzer, A. Hilitzer, A. 1935-10-09 1935-10-09 Cladoniaceae MEL MEL 1029220A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected identified Cladonia Hilitzer, A. Hilitzer, A. 1928-08 1928-08 Cladoniaceae MEL MEL 1029171A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected identified Cyphelium inquinans Hilitzer, A. Hilitzer, A. 1923-07-17 Caliciaceae MEL MEL 1029175A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected identified Hypogymnia billardierei Hilitzer, A. Hilitzer, A. 1922-08 Parmeliaceae MEL MEL 1029167A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Leptogium Hilitzer, A. 1933-07-23 Collemataceae MEL MEL 1029169A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cladonia phyllophora Hilitzer, A. 1935-05-18 Cladoniaceae MEL MEL 1029198A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Umbilicaria cylindrica Hilitzer, A. Hilitzer, A. 1934-09-17 Umbilicariaceae MEL MEL 1029214A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lasallia Hilitzer, A. National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1934-08-30 2023-06-01 Umbilicariaceae MEL MEL 1029200A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Trapeliopsis Hilitzer, A. 1933-09-20 Trapeliaceae MEL MEL 1029199A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Placynthiella uliginosa Hilitzer, A. National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1928-08 Trapeliaceae MEL MEL 1029174A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pyrenula Hilitzer, A. Hilitzer, A. 1934-07-18 Pyrenulaceae MEL MEL 1029205A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rhizocarpon Hilitzer, A. Hilitzer, A. 1930-08 Rhizocarpaceae MEL MEL 1029168A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN