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Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Fungi R.T. Moore A. Hilitzer | L. Hilitzer 1933-08-26 TAAM EAA09580 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Puccinia dentariae (Alb. & Schwein.) Fuckel A. Hilitzer 1928-06-01 Pucciniaceae TAAM EAA17946 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Thekopsora padi (Kunze & J.C. Schmidt) Kleb. A. Hilitzer 1934-08-30 Pucciniastraceae TAAM EAA18600 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Peronospora cardamines-laciniatae Gäum. A. Hilitzer 1930-05-01 Peronosporaceae TAAM EAA00125 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Dendrothele acerina (Pers.) P.A. Lemke A. Hilitzer A. Pilat 1934-08-22 TAAM EAA27158 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cystostereum murrayi (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Pouzar A. Hilitzer A. Pilat 1936-09-08 Cystostereaceae TAAM EAA27268 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pucciniastrum circaeae (Schumach.) Speg. A. Hilitzer 1936-09-11 Pucciniastraceae TAAM EAA18544 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pucciniastrum chamaenerii Rostr. A. Hilitzer 1932-08-23 Pucciniastraceae TAAM EAA18572 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Peronospora arenariae (Berk.) Tul. A. Hilitzer 1935-05-25 Peronosporaceae TAAM EAA00058 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Podophacidium xanthomelum (Pers.) Kavina A. Hilitzer | Karel Kavina K. Kavina | A. Hilitzer 1936-09-29 Dermateaceae TAAM EAA06432 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Podophacidium xanthomelum (Pers.) Kavina A. Hilitzer | Karel Kavina 1936-09-29 Dermateaceae TAAM EAA06532 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Bulgaria inquinans (Pers.) Fr. A. Hilitzer 1934-10-01 Phacidiaceae TAAM EAA03124 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ustilago panici-miliacei (Pers.) G. Winter A. Hilitzer | L. Hilitzer 1931-09-12 Ustilaginaceae TAAM EAA09975 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Anthracoidea caricis (Pers.) Bref. A. Hilitzer | L. Hilitzer 1925-08-17 Anthracoideaceae TAAM EAA09600 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Tranzscheliella hypodytes (Schltdl.) Vánky & McKenzie A. Hilitzer | L. Hilitzer 1933-10-08 Ustilaginaceae TAAM EAA09912 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Exobasidium vaccinii-uliginosi Boud. A. Hilitzer | L. Hilitzer 1936-09-25 Exobasidiaceae TAAM EAA09728 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Coleosporium tussilaginis (Pers.) Kleb. A. Hilitzer | L. Hilitzer 1931-08-17 Coleosporiaceae TAAM EAA09141 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Peronospora valerianellae Fuckel L. Hilitzer | A. Hilitzer 1935-05-25 Peronosporaceae TAAM EAA00645 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Erysiphe tortilis (Wallr.) Fr. L. Hilitzer | A. Hilitzer 1931-10-17 Erysiphaceae TAAM EAA04180 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phyllactinia corylea (Pers.) P. Karst. L. Hilitzer | A. Hilitzer 1925-09-20 Erysiphaceae TAAM EAA04576 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ramularia cylindroides Sacc. L. Hilitzer | A. Hilitzer 1935-06-20 Mycosphaerellaceae TAAM EAA05530 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Venturia inaequalis (Cooke) G. Winter L. Hilitzer | A. Hilitzer 1932-08-16 Venturiaceae TAAM EAA01833 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Fungi R.T. Moore L. Hilitzer | A. Hilitzer 1934-07-25 TAAM EAA08499 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Peronospora trifolii-alpestris Gäum. L. Hilitzer | A. Hilitzer 1935-06-23 Peronosporaceae TAAM EAA00550 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lophodermium melaleucum (Fr.) De Not. L. Hilitzer | A. Hilitzer 1932-07-17 Rhytismataceae TAAM EAA05120 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Coleroa chaetomium (Kunze) Rabenh. L. Hilitzer | A. Hilitzer 1932-09-16 Venturiaceae TAAM EAA01719 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Chromista L. Hilitzer | A. Hilitzer 1932-07-14 TAAM EAA00341 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Uncinula tulasnei Fuckel L. Hilitzer | A. Hilitzer 1936-10-01 Erysiphaceae TAAM EAA04629 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Septoria apiicola Speg. L. Hilitzer | A. Hilitzer 1932-07-10 Mycosphaerellaceae TAAM EAA03813 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Platychora ulmi (Schleich.) Petr. L. Hilitzer | A. Hilitzer 1934-09-01 Polystomellaceae TAAM EAA02554 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN