Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Terebra frigata Hinds 1844 S. E. Africa' & H. Cuming & J. E. Gray & Indirect & Bratcher & Cernohorsky Terebridae NHMUK 1968420, NHMUK 1874.10 lectotype MATERIAL_CITATION
collected Terebra undulata Gray 1834 Cernohorsky Terebridae lectotype MATERIAL_CITATION
identified Engina mactanensis Cernohorsky, 1985 Marrow P. Cernohorsky W.O. 1981-08-01/1981-08-31 Pisaniidae MNHN 2012-41452 Paratype(s) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Cancilla scrobiculata crosnieri Cernohorsky, 1970 Marteau J. Cernohorsky W.O. 1966-08-12 Mitridae MNHN 2012-18271 Paratype(s) PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cantharus wrightae W. Cernohorsky 1967 Pisaniidae USNM USNM 824655 Paratype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Pusia salisburyi Cernohorsky 1976 CERNOHORSKY, W. Costellariidae ANSP 344725 Paratype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Mitra earlei Cernohorsky 1977 CERNOHORSKY, W. Mitridae ANSP 344726 Paratype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Nassarius arcus Bouchet Cernohorsky, W. O. 1985 Nassariidae USNM USNM 859473 Paratype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Engina mactanensis Cernohorsky, W. O. 1981 Pisaniidae USNM USNM 859007 Paratype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Scabricola vicdani Cernohorsky, W. O. 1977 Mitridae USNM USNM 818258 Paratype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Myurella burchi Benthedi Exped. T. Bratcher & W.O. Cernohorsky Terebridae LACM LACM 1971 PARATYPES PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Myurellopsis kilburni W.O. Cernohorsky R.D. Burch 1963-12 Terebridae LACM LACM 1459 PARATYPES PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Duplicaria baileyi D. Dan Twila Bratcher & Walter O. Cernohorsky 1982 Terebridae CAS 30958 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Terebra troendlei Cernohorsky Twila Bratcher 1981 Terebridae CAS 21486 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Engina spica Cernohorsky, 1981 1985-01-01 Pisaniidae WAM S15360 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Terebra bratcherae Wilson, B.R. Cernohorsky, 1972 1987-01-01 Terebridae WAM S15247 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Terebra (Triplostephanus) jenningsi Burch, 1965 Walter O. Cernohorsky 1962 Terebridae NHMUK 1965143 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Terebra (Decorihastula) kilburni Burch, 1965 Walter O. Cernohorsky 1963 Terebridae NHMUK 1965141 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Lyria grangei Walter Cernohorsky 1979-05-16 1980 Volutidae NIWA 1126 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Lyria grangei Walter Cernohorsky 1979-05-18 1980 Volutidae NIWA 1128 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Lyria grangei Walter Cernohorsky 1979-05-15 1980 Volutidae NIWA 1125 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Myurellopsis parkinsoni B. Parkinson W.O. Cernohorsky & T. Bratcher 1975-09-17 Terebridae LACM LACM 2834 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Vexillum (Pusia) marrowi Maxwell P. Marrow W.O. Cernohorsky 1971-12 Costellariidae LACM LACM 1699 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Vexillum (Pusia) hansenae Maxwell P. Marrow W.O. Cernohorsky 1971-12-26 Costellariidae LACM LACM 1698 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Terebra reunionensis J. Drivas T. Bratcher & W.O. Cernohorsky 1982 Terebridae LACM LACM 2836 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Neoterebra riosi E. Rios & L. Tostes T. Bratcher & W.O. Cernohorsky 1979-09-09 Terebridae LACM LACM 2837 PARATYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected identified Nassarius (Niotha) nigellus Cernohorsky, W.O. W.O. Cernohorsky 1974 Nassariidae TMAG E784b PARALECTOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hastula (Punctoterebra) cernohorskyi R. Burch, 1965 W. O. Cernohorsky [no agent data] 1962-01-01/1962-12-31 Terebridae MCZ 251245 Holotype of Hastula (Punctoterebra) cernohorskyi| Holotype of Hastula (Punctoterebra) cernohorskyi PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Austromitra tasmanica , W. Legr| determiner not recorded Costellariidae TMAG E761 HOLOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Terebra bratcherae Cernohorsky, W.O. 1972 1987-01-01 Terebridae WAM S14437 HOLOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN