Bartram, Edwin Bunting

(b. July 28, 1878 – d. December 02, 1964)

United States of America

Identified Pottiaceae and collected Pottiaceae

Identified Polypodiaceae and collected Hymenophyllaceae

Identified Dicranaceae and collected Pottiaceae

Galloway, David John

(b. May 07, 1942 – d. December 06, 2014)

New Zealand

Identified Gentianaceae and collected Salicaceae

Klazenga, Niels


Identified Dicranaceae and collected Dicranaceae

Mason, Ruth

(b. November 07, 1913 – d. May 14, 1990)

New Zealand

Identified Plantaginaceae and collected Characeae

Identified Asteraceae and collected Asteraceae

Sykes, William Russell

(b. October 13, 1927 – d. January 05, 2018)

United Kingdom; New Zealand

Identified Poaceae and collected Poaceae

Identified Lejeuneaceae and collected Lejeuneaceae

Zotov, Victor Dmitrievich

(b. September 16, 1908 – d. May 26, 1977)

New Zealand; Russian Empire

Identified Poaceae and collected Poaceae