Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Acacia caerulescens Court, A.B. Maslin, B.R. 1985-11-10 1987-11-17 Fabaceae MEL MEL 0228050A ISOTYPE PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia lanigera var. lanigera Court, A.B. Entwisle, T.J. 1972-08 1994-05-16 Fabaceae MEL MEL 1516031A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Olearia rugosa subsp. rugosa Court, A.B. Messina, A. 1972-09-03 2013-02-27 Asteraceae MEL MEL 0519033A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Notogrammitis billardierei Court, A.B. National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1946-04 2023-03-30 Polypodiaceae MEL MEL 1502398A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Heteroscyphus biciliatus Court, A.B. Stajsic, V. 1954-05-30 2005-03-31 Lophocoleaceae MEL MEL 0064368A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lepidosperma filiforme Court, A.B. 1972-09-03 Cyperaceae MEL MEL 0517777A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hymenophyllum flabellatum Court, A.B. 1946-04 Hymenophyllaceae MEL MEL 1502655A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Grimmia laevigata Court, A.B. Willis, J.H. 1955-06 Grimmiaceae MEL MEL 1514819A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Campylopus clavatus Court, A.B. Willis, J.H. 1957-10-26 Leucobryaceae MEL MEL 0038185A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia provincialis Canning, E.M.|Court, A.B. Stajsic, V. 1969-11-09 2007-03-15 Fabaceae MEL MEL 0724439A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia decora Court, A.B. Maslin, B.R. 1972-08 2000-02 Fabaceae MEL MEL 1516028A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Leucobryum candidum Court, A.B. Meagher, D.A. 1958-02 2009-07-08 Leucobryaceae MEL MEL 0038157A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cyphanthera albicans subsp. tomentosa Hadlow, R.B.|Court, A.B. Telford, I.R. 1981-10-13 1982-01-06 Solanaceae MEL MEL 0271383A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia alpina Canning, E.M.|Court, A.B. Canning, E.M.; Court, A.B. 1969-01-15 1969-01-15 Fabaceae MEL MEL 0262159A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia axillaris Canning, E.M.|Court, A.B. Canning, E.M.; Court, A.B. 1969-02-11 1969-02-11 Fabaceae MEL MEL 0580266A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia terminalis Canning, E.M.|Court, A.B. Canning, E.M. 1969-04-13 1976-08 Fabaceae MEL MEL 0281685A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Grevillea lanigera Court, A.B. McGillivray, D.J. 1961-06-03 1980 Proteaceae MEL MEL 0074603A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia verniciflua Court, A.B. Maslin, B.R.; Murphy, D.J. 1972-08 2009-01-24 Fabaceae MEL MEL 1516049A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Astroloma humifusum Court, A.B. 1946-09-23 Ericaceae MEL MEL 2313192B PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Crowea exalata subsp. exalata Court, A.B. Gebert, W.A. 1972-08-25 2001-04-06 Rutaceae MEL MEL 0560307A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia pravissima Hadlow, R.B.|Court, A.B. Maslin, B.R. 1982-09-07 2000-02 Fabaceae MEL MEL 1587251A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Telaranea mooreana Court, A.B. Meagher, D.A. 1958-02 2010-05-03 Lepidoziaceae MEL MEL 0038168A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia pravissima Canning, E.M.|Court, A.B. Maslin, B.R. 1968-04-25 2000-02 Fabaceae MEL MEL 0261086A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cassytha glabella f. dispar Court, A.B. Weber, J.Z. 1972-09-03 1993-09 Lauraceae MEL MEL 0517705A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia burkittii Hadlow, R.B.|Court, A.B. Maslin, B.R. 1981-09-29 2000-02 Fabaceae MEL MEL 0271382A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Bazzania adnexa Court, A.B. Meagher, D.A. 1958-02 2010-09-02 Lepidoziaceae MEL MEL 0038167A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Melichrus urceolatus Court, A.B. Brown, E.A. 1962-06-03 2000-01 Ericaceae MEL MEL 0709737A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Blechnum patersonii subsp. patersonii Court, A.B. 1945-09 Blechnaceae MEL MEL 1502337A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Chiloglottis valida Court, A.B. Entwisle, T.J. 1961-10-15 1990-12-06 Orchidaceae MEL MEL 0646727A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acacia cupularis Phillips, M.E.|Court, A.B. Maslin, B.R. 1965-10-04 2000-02 Fabaceae MEL MEL 2073872A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN