Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Struthiola martiana Meisn. Niven J. Thymelaeaceae BR BR0000008714640 Type of Struthiola martiana Meisn. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lachnaea densiflora Meisn. Niven J. Thymelaeaceae BR BR0000006249939 Type of Lachnaea densiflora Meisn. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Haemanthus rotundifolius Ker Gawl. Niven J. Amaryllidaceae BR BR0000008644305 Type of Haemanthus lambertianus Schult.f. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Erica haemastoma J.C.Wendl. Niven J. 1892 Ericaceae BR BR0000008892256 Type of Erica aristifolia Niven ex Benth. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Agathosma ovata (Thunb.) Pillans Niven J. Rutaceae BR BR0000006276089 Type of Barosma acutata Sond. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Agathosma sabulosa Sond. Niven J. Rutaceae BR BR0000006276287 Type of Agathosma sabulosa Sond. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Agathosma pubescens (Bartl.) Sond. Niven J. Rutaceae BR BR0000006276379 Type of Agathosma pubescens (Bartl.) Sond. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Agathosma planifolia Sond. Niven J. Rutaceae BR BR0000006276072 Type of Agathosma planifolia Sond. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Agathosma martiana Sond. Niven J. Rutaceae BR BR0000006276393 Type of Agathosma martiana Sond. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Agathosma latipetala Sond. Niven J. Rutaceae BR BR0000006276096 Type of Agathosma latipetala Sond. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Agathosma elata Sond. Niven J. Rutaceae BR BR0000006276355 Type of Agathosma elata var. niveni Sond. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Agathosma namaquensis Pillans Niven J. Rutaceae BR BR0000006276317 Syntype of Barosma niveni Sond. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Macrostylis tenuis E.Mey. ex Sond. Niven J. Rutaceae BR BR0000006276171 Lectotype of Macrostylis ovata Sond. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acmadenia nivenii Sond. Niven J. Rutaceae BR BR0000006275006 Lectotype of Acmadenia nivenii Sond. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Leucospermum cordifolium (Salisb. ex Knight) Fourc. Niven J. Proteaceae BR BR0000006265441 Isotype of Leucospermum nutans R.Br. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Leucadendron loranthifolium (Salisb. ex Knight) I.Williams Niven J. 1853 Proteaceae BR BR0000006273293 Isolectotype of Leucadendron loranthifolium (Salisb. ex Knight) I.Williams PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Disa spathulata (Lindl.) Sw. Niven J. Orchidaceae BR BR0000016162358 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Clutia sp. Niven J. 1831-10-11 Peraceae BR BR0000016230668 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phylica comosa Steud. Niven J. Rhamnaceae BR BR0000017955393 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phylica oleifolia Vent. Niven J. Rhamnaceae BR BR0000017956383 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Leucospermum calligerum (Salisb. ex Knight) Rourke. Niven J. Proteaceae BR BR0000019363127 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Serruria villosa R.Br. Niven J. Proteaceae BR BR0000019375502 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Empleurum serrulatum Sol. Niven J. Rutaceae BR BR0000019594545 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Tritonia crispa Ker Gawl. Niven J. Iridaceae BR BR0000019991832 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Erica macrophylla Klotzsch ex Benth. Niven J. Ericaceae BR BR0000014633201 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Erica verticillata P.J.Bergius Niven J. Ericaceae BR BR0000014640384 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Erica sp. Niven J. Ericaceae BR BR0000014641473 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hermannia sp. Niven J. Malvaceae BR BR0000018101645 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Paranomus lagopus Kuntze Niven J. Proteaceae BR BR0000019364599 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Serruria cygnea R.Br. Niven J. 1830 Proteaceae BR BR0000019374345 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN