Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Bryum moravicum Podp. Martinis A. 1869-02-05 Bryaceae BR BR5040196751350 Type of Bryum aeneum Blytt ex B.S.G. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Calamagrostis epigejos (L.) Roth Martinis A. 1860-07-16 Poaceae BR BR0000010077832 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cicendia filiformis (L.) Delarbre Martinis A. 1861-08 Gentianaceae BR BR0000010315170 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Groenlandia densa (L.) Fourr. Martinis A. 1861-07-19 Potamogetonaceae BR BR0000010448281 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Luzula forsteri (Sm.) DC. Martinis A. 1867-05-07 Juncaceae BR BR0000011384809 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Agrostis capillaris L. Martinis A. 1860-07-14 Poaceae BR BR0000011438700 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Aira praecox L. Martinis A. 1864-05-05 Poaceae BR BR0000011450085 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Koeleria albescens DC. Martinis A. 1862-07-06 Poaceae BR BR0000011553342 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Corylus avellana L. Martinis A. 1855-04 Betulaceae BR BR0000011825746 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Crassula tillaea Lest.-Garl. Martinis A. Crassulaceae BR BR0000011913757 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Vaccinium myrtillus L. Martinis A. 1854-05 Ericaceae BR BR0000011928409 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Fumaria officinalis L. Martinis A. 1860-07-16 Papaveraceae BR BR0000012025770 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Geranium columbinum L. Martinis A. 1860-07-16 Geraniaceae BR BR0000012040629 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Sagina nodosa (L.) Fenzl Martinis A. 1861-08-28 Caryophyllaceae BR BR0000010071021 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Alopecurus myosuroides Huds. Martinis A. 1864-06 Poaceae BR BR0000010072462 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Scleranthus perennis L. Martinis A. Caryophyllaceae BR BR0000010102756 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Bromus racemosus L. Martinis A. 1863-06-02 Poaceae BR BR0000010384763 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cardamine flexuosa With. Martinis A. 1863-05-04 Brassicaceae BR BR0000010460146 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Populus tremula L. Martinis A. 1867-06-16 Salicaceae BR BR0000010960448 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Achillea filipendulina Lam. Martinis A. 1853 Asteraceae BR BR0000011655343 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Anaphalis triplinervis (Sims) C.B.Clarke Martinis A. 1852 Asteraceae BR BR0000011655893 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Crepis foetida L. Martinis A. 1859-07-21 Asteraceae BR BR0000011699101 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Betula pendula Roth Martinis A. 1866-05 Betulaceae BR BR0000011822554 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Viburnum opulus L. Martinis A. 1853 Adoxaceae BR BR0000011868897 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Crassula tillaea Lest.-Garl. Martinis A. Crassulaceae BR BR0000011913931 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Catapodium rigidum (L.) C.E.Hubb. Martinis A. 1861-07-25 Poaceae BR BR0000022408594 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Antennaria dioica (L.) Gaertn. Martinis A. Asteraceae BR BR0000010008713 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Barbarea vulgaris R.Br. Martinis A. 1862-06-04 Brassicaceae BR BR0000010422885 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Alyssum alyssoides (L.) L. Martinis A. 1864-09 Brassicaceae BR BR0000010424568 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Alliaria petiolata (M.Bieb.) Cavara & Grande Martinis A. 1853-05/1858-07 Brassicaceae BR BR0000010538968 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN