Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Capparis fascicularis DC. var. elaeagnoides (Gilg) Dewolf Rogers C.G. 1932-10-01 Capparaceae BR BR0000008866905 Type of Capparis elaeagnoides Gilg
collected Searsia pyroides (Burch.) Moffett Rogers C.G. 1933-06-03 Anacardiaceae BR BR0000008821621 Isotype of Rhus vulgaris Meikle
collected Ranunculus aberdaricus Ulbr. Rogers C.G. 1933-06-12 Ranunculaceae BR BR0000006273644 Isotype of Ranunculus keniensis Milne-Redh. & Turril
collected Pavetta ternifolia Hiern Rogers C.G. 1951-05-31 Rubiaceae BR BR0000008851581 Isotype of Pavetta yalaensis Bremek.
collected Euphorbia inaequilatera Sond. Rogers C.G. Euphorbiaceae BR BR0000015804631
collected Impatiens nana Engl. & Warb. Rogers C.G. Balsaminaceae BR BR0000014146602
collected Galium ossirwaense K.Krause Rogers C.G. 1933-02-04 Rubiaceae BR BR0000017845939
collected Helichrysum niveum (L.) Less. Rogers C.G. Asteraceae BR BR0000016262324
collected Wahlenbergia abyssinica (Hochst. ex A.Rich.) Thulin subsp. abyssinica Rogers C.G. Campanulaceae BR BR0000014670954
collected Kleinia grantii (Oliv. & Hiern) Hook.f. Rogers C.G. Asteraceae BR BR0000014762772
collected Sesbania sesban (L.) Merr. Rogers C.G. 1932-11-26 Fabaceae BR BR0000018960006
collected Englerina woodfordioides (Schweinf.) Balle ex M.G.Gilbert Rogers C.G. 1933-12-26 Loranthaceae BR BR0000017561372
collected Adenocarpus mannii (Hook.f.) Hook.f. Rogers C.G. Fabaceae BR BR0000017603638
collected Helinus mystacinus (Aiton) E.Mey. ex Steud. Rogers C.G. 1932-12-24 Rhamnaceae BR BR0000017136303
collected Tephrosia interrupta Hochst. & Steud. ex Engl. Rogers C.G. 1932-12-01 Fabaceae BR BR0000018928105
collected Coccinia grandis (L.) Voigt Rogers C.G. Cucurbitaceae BR BR0000016359673
collected Cucumis aculeatus Cogn. Rogers C.G. Cucurbitaceae BR BR0000016364905
collected Dodonaea viscosa Jacq. Rogers C.G. 1932-10-25 Sapindaceae BR BR0000018167344
collected Ochna ovata F.Hoffm. Rogers C.G. 1933-01-25 Ochnaceae BR BR0000017181808
collected Polygala sphenoptera Fresen. Rogers C.G. 1933-02-04 Polygalaceae BR BR0000018658125
collected Valeriana volkensii Engl. Rogers C.G. 1933-02-20 Caprifoliaceae BR BR0000016587243
collected Kotschya recurvifolia (Taub.) White subsp. recurvifolia Rogers C.G. 1933-02-24 Fabaceae BR BR0000018979480
collected Hypoxis gregoriana Rendle Rogers C.G. 1933-05 Hypoxidaceae BR BR0000019486130
collected Artemisia afra Jacq. ex Willd. Rogers C.G. Asteraceae BR BR0000013918484
collected Platycoryne crocea (Schweinf. ex Rchb.f.) Rolfe Rogers C.G. 1933-05-31 Orchidaceae BR BR0000021321214
collected Myrsine africana L. Rogers C.G. 1932-12-02 Primulaceae BR BR0000017916806
collected Rhoicissus tridentata (L.f.) Wild & R.B.Drumm. Rogers C.G. 1932-11-01 Vitaceae BR BR0000018842692
collected Capparis tomentosa Lam. Rogers C.G. Capparaceae BR BR0000015081797
collected Impatiens meruensis Gilg Rogers C.G. Balsaminaceae BR BR0000014146336
collected Hypoestes aristata (Vahl) Sol. ex Roem. & Schult. Rogers C.G. Acanthaceae BR BR0000019155050