Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Nitophyllum Wilson, J.B. 1886-01-26 Delesseriaceae MEL MEL 0691948A type PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ceramium Wilson, J.B. Kellermann, J. 1889-02-04 2006-05-16 Ceramiaceae MEL MEL 0045466A type PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ceramium Wilson, J.B. Kellermann, J. 1885-01-08 2006-05-16 Ceramiaceae MEL MEL 0045467A type PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pachymenia Wilson, J.B. 1886-01-28 Halymeniaceae MEL MEL 0612895A syntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rhodymeniaceae Wilson, J.B. Kellermann, J. 1889-01-15 2006-05-18 Rhodymeniaceae MEL MEL 0612084A paralectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Kallymeniaceae Wilson, J.B. 1886-02-02 Kallymeniaceae MEL MEL 1005839A isotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Caulerpa Wilson, J.B. Womersley, H.B.S. 1886-01-14 1954-01 Caulerpaceae MEL MEL 0677284A isotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cystocloniaceae Wilson, J.B. Womersley, H.B.S. 1886-01-26 1992-12 Cystocloniaceae MEL MEL 0694642A isosyntype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Gigartinales Wilson, J.B. Robins, P. 1888-01-23 1984-01-14 MEL MEL 0504444A isolectotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Eucalyptus viminalis subsp. viminalis Wilson, J.B. Karunajeewa, N.G. 1887-09-24 2016-01-25 Myrtaceae MEL MEL 2395148A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Asparagopsis armata Wilson, J.B. 1886-12-23 Bonnemaisoniaceae MEL MEL 0045863A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Dictyota furcellata Wilson, J.B. Womersley, H.B.S. 1890-01-28 1966-09 Dictyotaceae MEL MEL 0017024A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rhodanthe polygalifolia Wilson, J.B. National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1889-07 2016-01-25 Asteraceae MEL MEL 2395164A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Polycarpon tetraphyllum Wilson, J.B. Adams, L.G. 1885 1991-10-02 Caryophyllaceae MEL MEL 2224363A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Wrangeliaceae Wilson, J.B. Jeanes, J.A. 1886-12-24 2005-02-23 Wrangeliaceae MEL MEL 0000613A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Euptilota Wilson, J.B. Jeanes, J.A. 1887-01-28 2005-02-11 Callithamniaceae MEL MEL 0502191A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rhodomelaceae Wilson, J.B. Parsons, M.J. 1885-04-11 1982-12 Rhodomelaceae MEL MEL 0608840A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Halymenia Wilson, J.B. Jeanes, J.A. 1886-01-09 2005-02-18 Halymeniaceae MEL MEL 0674912A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Mychodea Wilson, J.B. Kraft, G.T. 1889-01-02 1981-04-08 Mychodeaceae MEL MEL 0005337A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Chaetomorpha coliformis Wilson, J.B. Jeanes, J.A. 1890-10-25 2005-01-13 Cladophoraceae MEL MEL 0686575A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lomandra micrantha subsp. micrantha Wilson, J.B. Everett, J.; Lee, A.T. 1887 1984-06 Asparagaceae MEL MEL 0020983A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rhodomelaceae Wilson, J.B. 1889-01-30 Rhodomelaceae MEL MEL 0659553A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ceramiaceae Wilson, J.B. Jeanes, J.A. 1886-01-18 2005-02-28 Ceramiaceae MEL MEL 0010305A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Caulerpa longifolia Wilson, J.B. 1886-01-05 Caulerpaceae MEL MEL 0682311A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Billardiera mutabilis Wilson, J.B. National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1885 2023-08-03 Pittosporaceae MEL MEL 0065386A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Nitophyllum Wilson, J.B. Jeanes, J.A. 1889-01-28 2005-03-04 Delesseriaceae MEL MEL 0687454A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Echinothamnion Wilson, J.B. Womersley, H.B.S. 1888-12-28 2000-05 Rhodomelaceae MEL MEL 0045630A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Eucalyptus oleosa subsp. oleosa Wilson, J.B. National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) 1889-07 2015-07-03 Myrtaceae MEL MEL 0703926A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Scytosiphon lomentaria Wilson, J.B. 1890-08-09 Scytosiphonaceae MEL MEL 0540568A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Gigartinales Wilson, J.B. Womersley, H.B.S. 1885-01-09 1975-07 MEL MEL 0502102A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN