Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Primula sulphurea Craib Winterbottom J.E. Primulaceae BR BR0000005297306 Isotype of Primula petiolaris var. sulphurea Hook.f.
collected Primula drummondiana Craib Winterbottom J.E. 1848-10 Primulaceae BR BR0000005297368 Isotype of Primula petiolaris var. stracheyi Hook.f.
collected Androsace robusta (R.Knuth) Hand.-Mazz. Winterbottom J.E. Primulaceae BR BR0000005287932 Isotype of Androsace villosa var. robusta f. breviscapa R.Knuth
collected Primula tibetica Watt Winterbottom J.E. Primulaceae BR BR0000005297245 Isosyntype of Primula tibetica Watt
collected identified Eriocaulon septangulare J. E. Winterbottom J. E. Winterbottom 1840 1840 Eriocaulaceae O 2100840