Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Muellerella lichenicola (Sommerf.) D. Hawksw. Cooke, M.C. 1866 Verrucariaceae E E00456095 unspecified kind of type
collected Mucor hyalinus Cooke Cooke, M.C. December 1866 Mucoraceae E E00429201 unspecified kind of type
collected Paraphaeosphaeria rusci (Wallr.) O.E. Erikss. Cooke, M.C. September 1863 Phaeosphaeriaceae E E00074286 unspecified kind of type
collected Jugulospora rotula (Cooke) N.Lundq. Cooke, M.C. October 1866 Lasiosphaeriaceae E E00456099 unspecified kind of type
collected Oidium aurantium M. C. Cooke Erysiphaceae S F42274 type?
collected Secotium gueinzii Kunze M. C. Cooke R. Singer 1954-04-23 Agaricaceae NY 00809161 type fragment
collected Septomyxa salicis Grove M. C. Cooke 1887-05 Gnomoniaceae NY 118433 type
collected Sphaeria rotula M.C. Cooke 1868-10 UPS F-646137 type
identified Sporodesmium culmigerum Cooke Ravenel HW Cooke MC L 0054495 type
identified Cercospora polytricha Cooke H. W. Ravenel M. C. Cooke Mycosphaerellaceae NY 00937125 type
identified Sphaeropsis valsoidea Cooke & Ellis J. B. Ellis M. C. Cooke Aplosporellaceae NY 00927418 type
identified Helminthosporium leptotrichum Cooke & Ellis J. B. Ellis M. C. Cooke; J. B. Ellis 1878-10-15 Herpotrichiellaceae NY 830263 type
identified Diplodia maura Cooke & Ellis Collector unspecified M. C. Cooke 1877-09 Botryosphaeriaceae NY 00928084 type
identified Harknessia eucalypti Cooke H. W. Harkness M. C. Cooke 1880 Harknessiaceae NY 01097070 type
identified Macrosporium solani Cooke H. W. Ravenel M. C. Cooke 1881-10 Pleosporaceae NY 00985479 type
identified Sphaeropsis fibriseda Cooke & Ellis J. B. Ellis M. C. Cooke; J. B. Ellis 1876-11 Botryosphaeriaceae NY 00927705 type
identified Torula bigemina Cooke & Ellis Collector unspecified M. C. Cooke 1878-05-24 Cryptocoryneaceae NY 927552 type
identified Stictis quercifolia Cooke & Ellis J. B. Ellis M. C. Cooke 1876-08 Marthamycetaceae NY 00927472 type
collected Ascobolus brunneus Cooke Cooke, M.C. September 1866 Ascobolaceae E E00456056 syntype
collected Dasyscyphus comitissae (Cooke) Sacc. Cooke, M.C. Hyaloscyphaceae E E00456066 syntype
identified Excipula microspora Cooke & Ellis Collector unspecified M. C. Cooke 1877-02-22 Dermateaceae NY 00928679 syntype
collected Patellaria subtecta Cooke & W.Phillips M. C. Cooke 1885 Helotiaceae NY 00914126 probable type
collected Poria laestadii Fr. & Berk. ex Cooke M. C. Cooke Polyporaceae NY 01197513 probable syntype
collected Physoderma menyanthis (De Bary) de Bary Cooke, M.C. June 1867 Cladochytriaceae E E00429984 possible type
collected Podosphaera leucotricha (Ellis & Everh.) E.S.Salmon Cooke, M.C. Erysiphaceae E E00456081 possible type
collected Pyrenopeziza polygoni (Lasch) Gremmen Cooke, M.C. 1867-06 Mollisiaceae M M-0206637 / 596806 / 266679 original material
collected Sphaeria rotula Cooke M. C. Cooke 1816-10 Lasiosphaeriaceae NY 01050505 not a type
identified Sphaeria arctispora Cooke & Ellis M. C. Cooke 1876-11-12 1988-06 Coniochaetaceae NY 00875085 isotype
identified Didymosphaerella filicina Cooke Colenso, W; M.C. Cooke 1866 Didymosphaeriaceae PDD PDD 102601 isotype
identified Clavulina humilis (Cooke) Corner Colenso, W; M.C. Cooke Cantharellaceae PDD PDD 30394 isotype