Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Centrochloa singularis Swallen Swallen J.R. 1934-03-01/1934-03-05 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000006866174 type of centrochloa singularis swallen PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Paspalum malacophyllum Trin. Swallen J.R. 1934-02-18/1934-02-26 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000006886677 isotype of paspalum tenuifolium swallen PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Gymnopogon floridanus Swallen Swallen J.R. 1938-11-15 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000006862893 isotype of gymnopogon floridanus swallen PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Setaria tenax Swallen J.R. 1934-02-15 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032407754 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Panicum sciurotis Swallen J.R. 1934-04-13 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032003628 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Eragrostis secundiflora Presl Swallen J.R. 1931-06-01 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032965971 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Bouteloua americana (L.) Scribn. Swallen J.R. 1934-05-29 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032916218 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Axonopus singularis (Swallen) Alicia López & Morrone Swallen J.R. 1934-03-20 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032911312 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Axonopus aureus P.Beauv. Swallen J.R. 1934-03-19 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032909739 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Paspalum stagnophilum Morrone & Zuloaga Swallen J.R. 1934-01-07 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032019070 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Panicum stoloniferum Poir. Swallen J.R. 1934-01-07 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032004434 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Panicum quadriglume Döll Swallen J.R. 1934-03-08 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032002157 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Panicum pseudisachne Swallen J.R. 1934-03-20 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032002102 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Panicum parvifolium Lam. Swallen J.R. 1934-05-12 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032001464 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Poa strictiramea Hitchc. Swallen J.R. 1928-06-23 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032070743 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Tripsacum dactyloides (L.) L. Swallen J.R. 1935-02-15 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032443295 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Digitaria patens Swallen J.R. 1931-06-01 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000033327105 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cyphonanthus discrepans (Döll) Zuloaga & Morrone Swallen J.R. 1934-03-20 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000033304281 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ichnanthus nemoralis (Schrad.) Hitchc. & Chase Swallen J.R. 1934-06-27 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000033377018 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Oryza sativa L. Swallen J.R. 1934-06-21 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000033040684 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lasiacis anomala Hitchc. Swallen J.R. 1934-05-12 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000033392110 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Limnodea arkansana Swallen J.R. 1931-04-06 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000033398853 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Dallwatsonia pilosa B.K.Simon Swallen J.R. 1934-06-19 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000033309934 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Panicum millegrana Poir. Swallen J.R. 1934-02-18 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032000627 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Panicum cayennense Lam. Swallen J.R. 1934-03-01 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000033044989 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Schoenus nigricans L. Swallen J.R. 1950-03-25 Cyperaceae MeiseBG BR0000021923951 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Paratheria prostrata Griseb. Swallen J.R. 1934-01-19 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032009972 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Steirachne diandra Swallen J.R. 1934-04-21 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000032425475 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lasiacis grisebachii (Nash) Hitchc. Swallen J.R. 1934-06-15 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000033392486 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Gouinia barbata (Hack.) Swallen Swallen J.R. 1934-05-27 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000033353593 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN