Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Portulaca umbraticola subsp. coronata John K. Small 1894 Portulacaceae LD 1423271 Isolectotype of Portulaca coronata Small PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Tsuga caroliniana J. K. Small & A. A. Heller 1891 Pinaceae LD 1920634 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Parmotrema robustum J. K. Small, J. J. Carter & G. K. Small 1911 Parmeliaceae LD 1904020 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Acmispon helleri J. K. Small & A. A. Heller 1891 Fabaceae LD 1905234 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Desmodium canescens J. K. Small & A. A. Heller 1891 Fabaceae LD 2006517 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Leptogium marginellum J. K. Small & R. L. Lowe 1916 Collemataceae LD 1995057 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Taxus canadensis John K. Small 1892 Taxaceae LD 1907644 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Picea rubra John K. Small 1892 Pinaceae LD 1978896 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Asplenium montanum John K. Small 1892 Aspleniaceae LD 1908429 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Athyrium acrostichoides John K. Small 1893 Athyriaceae LD 1921799 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Adiantum pedatum John K. Small 1889 Pteridaceae LD 1746076 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cassia marilandica John K. Small 1892 Fabaceae LD 2006202 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN