Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Eschscholzia confinis Greene Copeland E.B. 1903-07-02 Papaveraceae BR BR0000005268726 Isotype of Eschscholzia confinis Greene
collected Eriogonum marifolium Torr. & A.Gray Copeland E.B. 1930-07-12 Polygonaceae BR BR0000005293940 Isotype of Eriogonum marifolium var. apertum S.Stokes
collected Dischidia nummularia R.Br. Copeland E.B. 1904-03 Apocynaceae BR BR0000006962753 Isotype of Dischidia copelandii Schltr.
collected Anthracoidea caricis (Pers.) Bref. Copeland E.B. 1930-07 Anthracoideaceae BR BR5020070506849
collected Badhamia foliicola Lister Copeland E.B. 1940-11-08 Physaraceae BR BR5020024147913
collected Morchella angusticeps Peck Copeland E.B. 1936-05-11 Morchellaceae BR BR5020073299649
collected Puccinia helianthellae Arthur Copeland E.B. 1931-07-14 Pucciniaceae BR BR5020078319403
collected Kretzschmaria heliscus (Mont.) Massee Copeland E.B. 1932-08-07 Xylariaceae BR BR5020074182742
collected Galerina teneroides Copeland E.B. 1930-02 Hymenogastraceae BR BR5020079026683
collected Agaricus campestris L. Copeland E.B. 1931-03 Agaricaceae BR BR5020029592077
collected Puccinia veratri Duby Copeland E.B. 1936 Pucciniaceae BR BR5020079720833
collected Cryptoporus volvatus (Peck) Shear Copeland E.B. 1931 Polyporaceae BR BR5020079957291
collected Taphrina aurea (Pers.) Fr. Copeland E.B. 1932-08-14 Taphrinaceae BR BR5020074007939
collected Helvella umbraculiformis Seaver Copeland E.B. 1929-07 Helvellaceae BR BR5020073259247
collected Puccinia osmorrhizae Cooke & Peck Copeland E.B. 1929-07 Pucciniaceae BR BR5020078517441
collected Gautieria monticola Harkn. Copeland E.B. 1943-06 Gomphaceae BR BR5020081158662
collected Cenangium abietis (Pers.) Rehm Copeland E.B. 1943-09-26 Cenangiaceae BR BR5020074095844
collected Puccinia violae (Schumach.) DC. Copeland E.B. 1929-07 Pucciniaceae BR BR5020079735011
collected Ganoderma polychromum (Copel.) Murrill Copeland E.B. 1902-10 Ganodermataceae BR BR5020168913368
collected Gymnosporangium blasdaleanum F.Kern Copeland E.B. 1929-07 Pucciniaceae BR BR5020077313044
collected Cantharellus bonarii Morse Copeland E.B. 1936-09-29 Gomphaceae BR BR5020078972141
collected Helvella californica W.Phillips Copeland E.B. 1929-07 Discinaceae BR BR5020073255201
collected Melampsora bigelowii Thüm. Copeland E.B. 1931-07-15 Melampsoraceae BR BR5020077385768
collected Puccinia chamaesarachae P.Syd. & Syd. Copeland E.B. 1930-07-21 Pucciniaceae BR BR5020071736535
collected Uromyces bicolor Ell. Copeland E.B. 1931-06-18 Pucciniaceae BR BR5020078008208
collected Phyllosticta castanicola Ellis & Everh. Copeland E.B. 1932-07-21 Schizoparmaceae BR BR5020081903354
collected Puccinia jonesii Peck Copeland E.B. 1929-07-13 Pucciniaceae BR BR5020078399238
collected Puccinia stephanomeriae P.Syd. & Syd. Copeland E.B. 1929-07 Pucciniaceae BR BR5020079664274
collected Sphaerotheca humuli (DC.) Burrill Copeland E.B. 1944-09-09 Erysiphaceae BR BR5020073123821
collected Ramularia heraclei (Oudem.) Sacc. Copeland E.B. 1937-08 Mycosphaerellaceae BR BR5020081576961