Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
identified Trilasma bolivari Goodnight & Goodnight [no agent data] C. Goodnight and M. Goodnight 1942-04-26 Nemastomatidae MCZ 38886 paratype of trilasma bolivari PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Leiobunum nycticorpum Goodnight & Goodnight, 1942 Ralph Haag C. Goodnight and M. Goodnight 1929-04-01/1929-04-30 Sclerosomatidae MCZ 36824 paratype of leiobunum nycticorpum PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Damon medius (Herbst, 1797) George W. Harley C. and M. Goodnight 1932-01-01/1932-12-31 Phrynichidae MCZ 151512 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Damon variegatus (Perty, 1834) [no agent data] C. and M. Goodnight 1800-01-01/1940-01-01 Phrynichidae MCZ 151515 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Leiobunum ventricosum ? (Wood, 1868) Herbert W. Levi Goodnight 1948-01-01/1948-12-31 Sclerosomatidae MCZ 36677 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Leiobunum verrucosum (Wood, 1868) D. C. Lowrie Goodnight 1940-08-19 Sclerosomatidae MCZ 36799 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Crosbyella spinturnix (Crosby and Bishop, 1924) Allan Foster Archer Goodnight 1940-08-03 Phalangodidae MCZ 37949 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
identified Bishopella laciniosa (Crosby & Bishop, 1924) Jones and Archer Goodnight 1939-01-01/1939-12-31 Phalangodidae MCZ 37948 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN