Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Kolobopetalum ovatum Stapf Whyte A. 1904 Menispermaceae BR BR0000013452056 Type of Kolobopetalum ovatum Stapf
collected Helichrysum kirkii var. kirkii Whyte A. 1891 Asteraceae BR BR0000008875099 Type of Helichrysum milanjiense Britten
collected Dolichos kilimandscharicus var. kilimandscharicus Whyte A. Fabaceae BR BR0000018384468 Type of Dolichos malosanus Baker
collected Gilbertiodendron obliquum (Stapf) J.Léonard Whyte A. Fabaceae BR BR0000005782789 Isolectotype of Macrolobium obliquum Stapf
collected Dombeya burgessiae Gerrard ex Harv. Whyte A. 1896-07 Malvaceae BR BR0000013515683 Holotype of Dombeya johnstonii Baker
collected Hipposideros ruber Mr A Whyte 1893 Hipposideridae NHMUK
collected Rhinolophus clivosus Cretzschmar, 1828 A Whyte 1896 Rhinolophidae NHMUK 1897.10.1.18
collected Rhynchosia procurrens subsp. floribunda (Baker) Verdc. Whyte A. Fabaceae BR BR0000018337846
collected Crotalaria alexandri Baker f. Whyte A. Fabaceae BR BR0000018216950
collected Cyperus angolensis Boeckeler Whyte A. Cyperaceae BR BR0000024806800
collected Hibiscus aponeurus Sprague & Hutch. Whyte A. Malvaceae BR BR0000025284836
collected Eriosema nutans Schinz Whyte A. Fabaceae BR BR0000017210942
collected Commelina demissa C.B.Clarke Whyte A. 1900-10-05 Commelinaceae BR BR0000019844190
collected Metaporana densiflora (Hallier f.) N.E.Br. Whyte A. Convolvulaceae BR BR0000017260664
collected Crotalaria subcaespitosa Polhill Whyte A. Fabaceae BR BR0000018398977
collected Hibiscus debeerstii De Wild. & T.Durand Whyte A. Malvaceae BR BR0000017755528
collected Crotalaria argyrolobioides Baker Whyte A. Fabaceae BR BR0000018219029
collected Commelina neurophylla C.B.Clarke Whyte A. 1896-12 Commelinaceae BR BR0000025102062
collected Maranthes floribunda (Baker) F.White Whyte A. Chrysobalanaceae BR BR0000015657848
collected Crotalaria phyllostachys Baker Whyte A. Fabaceae BR BR0000025282726
collected Gnidia goetzeana Gilg Whyte A. Thymelaeaceae BR BR0000025060652
collected Crotalaria sparsifolia Baker Whyte A. Fabaceae BR BR0000018396348
collected Fuirena leptostachya Oliv. Whyte A. Cyperaceae BR BR0000021799464
collected Ipomoea whyteana Rendle Whyte A. Convolvulaceae BR BR0000024513418
collected Adenocarpus mannii (Hook.f.) Hook.f. Whyte A. Fabaceae BR BR0000017603836
collected Commelina zambesica C.B.Clarke Whyte A. 1896-07 Commelinaceae BR BR0000025105650
collected Crotalaria vallicola Baker f. Whyte A. Fabaceae BR BR0000016730595
collected Commelina aspera var. opulens (C.B.Clarke) Faden Whyte A. Commelinaceae BR BR0000019834047
collected Crotalaria johannis Torre Whyte A. Fabaceae BR BR0000025060478
collected Vigna unguiculata subsp. tenuis (E.Mey.) Maréchal, Mascherpa & Stainier Whyte A. Fabaceae BR BR0000017437851