Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Polyporus fasciculatus (Pat.) Lloyd Dybowski J. Polyporaceae BR BR5020058853712 Type of Ganoderma fasciculatum Pat.
collected Dactyladenia chevalieri (De Wild.) Prance & F.White Dybowski J. 1895-08-21 Chrysobalanaceae BR BR0000008868381 Syntype of Acioa chevalieri De Wild.
collected Hipposideros ruber Noack, 1893 Dybowski, Jean|Dybowski, Jean TAYLOR Peter J. 1892-01-08 Hipposideridae MNHN MO-1892-1023
collected Chassalia cristata (Hiern) Bremek. Dybowski J. 1892-04-08 Rubiaceae BR BR0000009679061
collected Cola lateritia K.Schum. Dybowski J. 1985-08-03 Malvaceae BR BR0000019980225
collected Dinophora spenneroides Benth. Dybowski J. Melastomataceae BR BR0000015894540
collected Eriosema glomeratum (Guill. & Perr.) Hook.f. Dybowski J. 1891-04 Fabaceae BR BR0000017201902
collected Ganoderma zonatum Murrill Dybowski J. 1889 Ganodermataceae BR BR5020058688031
collected Ganoderma hildebrandii Henn. Dybowski J. Ganodermataceae BR BR5020009052317
collected Ctenium elegans Kunth Dybowski J. 1891-05 Poaceae BR BR0000021604089
collected Ganoderma zonatum Murrill Dybowski J. Ganodermataceae BR BR5020058687027
collected Stylosanthes erecta P.Beauv. Dybowski J. 1891-05 Fabaceae BR BR0000016433564
collected Hydrocotyle bonariensis Lam. Dybowski J. 1894-01-08 Apiaceae BR BR0000015686626