Specimen Data Used In

Xue, T., S. R. Gadagkar, T. P. Albright, X. Yang, J. Li, C. Xia, J. Wu, and S. Yu. 2021. Prioritizing conservation of biodiversity in an alpine region: Distribution pattern and conservation status of seed plants in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Global Ecology and Conservation 32: e01885. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gecco.2021.e01885

Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Phlox hoodii Richards. Macoun, John ; Herriot, William H. 1906-07-02 Polemoniaceae CMN CAN 93500 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Parnassia parviflora DC. Macoun, John ; Losee, S.T.B. 1937-07-20 Parnassiaceae CMN CAN 67504 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Huperzia selago (L.) Bernh. ex Mart. & Schrank Macoun, John 1909-08-02 Lycopodiaceae CMN CAN 4377 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lythrum salicaria L. Macoun, John 1911-07-28 Lythraceae CMN CAN 119278 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Frasera caroliniensis Walt. Macoun, John Gillett, J.M. 1877-07-27 1983 Gentianaceae CMN CAN 92777 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lythrum alatum Pursh Macoun, John Keddy, C 1892-07-27 1983 Lythraceae CMN CAN 82141 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Vaccinium angustifolium Ait. Macoun, John 1869-07-27 Ericaceae CMN CAN 89599 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lindera benzoin (L.) Blume Macoun, John 1901-06-24 Lauraceae CMN CAN 0059162A PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phlox hoodii Richards. Macoun, John 1894-06-05 Polemoniaceae CMN CAN 93504 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Vaccinium myrtilloides Michx. Macoun, John 1884-05-30 Ericaceae CMN CAN 89653 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Chamaedaphne calyculata (L.) Moench Macoun, John 1894-08-28 Ericaceae CMN CAN 119568 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cornus L. Macoun, John 1884-06-26 Cornaceae CMN CAN 85729 topotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Celastrus scandens L. Macoun, John 1894-08-25 Celastraceae CMN CAN 118925 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Holcus lanatus L. Macoun, John 1913-06-01 Poaceae CMN CAN 32672 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Papaver kluanense D.Löve Macoun, John Solstad, Heidi; Elven, Reidar 1891-07-31 2009-05- Papaveraceae CMN CAN 509763 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Chimaphila menziesii (R. Br. ex D. Don) Spreng. Macoun, John 1887-07-18 Ericaceae CMN CMNPYM 5149 FOSSIL_SPECIMEN
collected Androsace occidentalis Pursh Macoun, John 1889-04-16 Primulaceae CMN CAN 90779 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Vaccinium oxycoccos L. Macoun, John 1875-06-23 Ericaceae CMN CAN 90564 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Isoetes nuttallii A. Braun ex Engelm. Macoun, John 1908-07-03 Isoetaceae CMN CAN 5620 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Mimulus guttatus Fisch. ex DC. Macoun, John Harms, V.L. 1894-06-23 1990-08- Phrymaceae CMN CAN 97061 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Elymus alaskanus subsp. alaskanus (Scribn. & Merr.) A. Love Macoun, John Saarela, Jeffery M. - Canadian Museum of Nature 1902-08-05 2011 Poaceae CMN CAN 10011530 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phlox hoodii Richards. Macoun, John 1897-06-07 Polemoniaceae CMN CAN 93506 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Vaccinium angustifolium Ait. Macoun, John 1884-07-23 Ericaceae CMN CAN 89561 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Andromeda polifolia var. latifolia (Link) DC. Macoun, John MOM 1900-06-01 1928 Ericaceae CMN CAN 88839 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Vaccinium oxycoccos L. Macoun, John 1903-06-10 Ericaceae CMN CAN 119639 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Monotropa uniflora L. Macoun, John 1901-08-26 Ericaceae CMN CAN 87444 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Gaultheria hispidula (L.) Muhl. ex Bigelow Macoun, John 1864-04-27 Ericaceae CMN CAN 89078 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Lycopodium sitchense Rupr. Macoun, John Harms, V.L. 1875-09-15 1985 Lycopodiaceae CMN CAN 4989 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Myosurus aristatus Benth. ex Hook. Macoun, John Harms, V.L. 1896-06-18 1990 Ranunculaceae CMN CAN 56905 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Vaccinium pallidum Ait. Macoun, John SPVDK 1972 Ericaceae CMN CAN 89690 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN