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Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Cortusa matthioli L. Richard A. 1883-07-03 Primulaceae MeiseBG BR0000031463188 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cortusa matthioli L. Richard A. 1883-07-03 Primulaceae MeiseBG BR0000031463379 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Juniperus macrocarpa Ten. Richard A. Cupressaceae MeiseBG BR0000032183153 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Erodium acaule Bech. & Thell. Richard A. Geraniaceae MeiseBG BR0000036351275 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Euphorbia terracina L. Richard A. 1827 Euphorbiaceae MeiseBG BR0000030183827 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Veronica agrestis L. Richard A. 1832 Plantaginaceae MeiseBG BR0000035760368 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Veronica cymbalaria Bodard Richard A. 1827 Plantaginaceae MeiseBG BR0000035773832 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Crocus biflorus Mill. Richard A. 1827 Iridaceae MeiseBG BR0000033053455 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Micromeria graeca (L.) Benth. ex Rchb. Richard A. Lamiaceae MeiseBG BR0000029208036 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Asplenium obovatum Viv. Richard A. Aspleniaceae MeiseBG BR0000032558531 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pteris vittata L. Richard A. 1832 Pteridaceae MeiseBG BR0000033760919 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN