Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Setaria sulcata Raddi Dümmer R.A. 1915-03 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000008800176 Type of Setaria caudula Stapf PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Setaria sulcata Raddi Dümmer R.A. Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000008804945 Type of Setaria caudula Stapf PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Dicranoweisia africana Dixon Dümmer R.A. 1918-01 Dicranaceae MeiseBG BR5040048480773 Type of Dicranoweisia africana Dixon PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Braunia secunda (Hook.) Bruch. & Schimp. Dümmer R.A. 1918-01 Hedwigiaceae MeiseBG BR5040053311581 Syntype of Braunia brachytheca (Dixon) Broth. PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Isopterygium mbangae (Müll.Hal.) A.Jaeger Dümmer R.A. 1917-01 Hypnaceae MeiseBG BR5040057514902 Possible type of Ectropothecium duemmeri Dixon PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Setaria kagerensis Mez Dümmer R.A. 1917-02 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000008763877 Isotype of Setaria ramentacea Stapf PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Apodostigma pallens var. dummeri N.Hallé & B.Mathew Dümmer R.A. 1917-01 Celastraceae MeiseBG BR0000006245993 Isotype of Apodostigma pallens var. dummeri N.Hallé & B.Mathew PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Brachiaria decumbens Stapf Dümmer R.A. 1914-10 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000008639684 Isosyntype of Brachiaria decumbens Stapf PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Oxyanthus speciosus DC. Dümmer R.A. 1913 Rubiaceae MeiseBG BR0000016748170 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Amaranthus graecizans L. Dümmer R.A. 1914-01 Amaranthaceae MeiseBG BR0000013792541 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Solanum aculeatissimum Jacq. Dümmer R.A. 1919-03 Solanaceae MeiseBG BR0000014579769 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Euryops linifolius (L.) DC. Dümmer R.A. Asteraceae MeiseBG BR0000015144034 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Agelanthus djurensis (Engl.) Polhill & Wiens Dümmer R.A. Loranthaceae MeiseBG BR0000017168281 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Diclis ovata Benth. Dümmer R.A. 1913-08-20 Scrophulariaceae MeiseBG BR0000018024937 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Pycreus mundtii Nees Dümmer R.A. 1915-02 Cyperaceae MeiseBG BR0000018190168 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Mimosa pigra L. Dümmer R.A. Fabaceae MeiseBG BR0000018706147 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hyparrhenia cymbaria Stapf Dümmer R.A. 1913-11 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000018845990 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Vitex fischeri Gürke Dümmer R.A. 1914-04 Lamiaceae MeiseBG BR0000018427493 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Clerodendrum silvanum var. nuxioides (S.Moore) Verdc. Dümmer R.A. Lamiaceae MeiseBG BR0000019280059 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Panicum sp. Dümmer R.A. 1911-03 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000021217821 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Amaranthus sp. Dümmer R.A. 1913-12 Amaranthaceae MeiseBG BR0000021710346 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Marantochloa mannii (Benth.) Milne-Redh. Dümmer R.A. 1915-03 Marantaceae MeiseBG BR0000021857966 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Echinochloa colona (L.) Link Dümmer R.A. 1917-03 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000021875038 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Gnidia spicata Gilg Dümmer R.A. 1908-05 Thymelaeaceae MeiseBG BR0000023401013 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cyperus longus L. Dümmer R.A. 1915-02 Cyperaceae MeiseBG BR0000025264357 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Scleria melanomphala Kunth Dümmer R.A. 1915-05 Cyperaceae MeiseBG BR0000009153769 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Canarium schweinfurthii Engl. Dümmer R.A. 1914-12 Burseraceae MeiseBG BR0000014227301 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Oxygonum sinuatum (Hochst. & Steud. ex Meisn.) Dammer Dümmer R.A. 1913-07-18 Polygonaceae MeiseBG BR0000016465428 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Melastomastrum segregatum (Benth.) A.Fern. & R.Fern. Dümmer R.A. 1909-11-01 Melastomataceae MeiseBG BR0000019012940 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Cleistachne sorghoides Benth. Dümmer R.A. 1914-02 Poaceae MeiseBG BR0000019490472 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN