Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Setaria sulcata Raddi Dümmer R.A. Poaceae BR BR0000008804945 Type of Setaria caudula Stapf
collected Setaria sulcata Raddi Dümmer R.A. 1915-03 Poaceae BR BR0000008800176 Type of Setaria caudula Stapf
collected Dicranoweisia africana Dixon Dümmer R.A. 1918-01 Dicranaceae BR BR5040048480773 Type of Dicranoweisia africana Dixon
collected Braunia secunda (Hook.) Bruch. & Schimp. Dümmer R.A. 1918-01 Hedwigiaceae BR BR5040053311581 Syntype of Braunia brachytheca (Dixon) Broth.
collected Isopterygium mbangae (Müll.Hal.) A.Jaeger Dümmer R.A. 1917-01 Hypnaceae BR BR5040057514902 Possible type of Ectropothecium duemmeri Dixon
collected Setaria kagerensis Mez Dümmer R.A. 1917-02 Poaceae BR BR0000008763877 Isotype of Setaria ramentacea Stapf
collected Apodostigma pallens var. dummeri N.Hallé & B.Mathew Dümmer R.A. 1917-01 Celastraceae BR BR0000006245993 Isotype of Apodostigma pallens var. dummeri N.Hallé & B.Mathew
collected Brachiaria decumbens Stapf Dümmer R.A. 1914-10 Poaceae BR BR0000008639684 Isosyntype of Brachiaria decumbens Stapf
collected Allophylus sp. Dümmer R.A. 1914-05 Sapindaceae BR BR0000019147352
collected Kyllinga melanosperma Nees Dümmer R.A. 1915-02 Cyperaceae BR BR0000019482071
collected Cyperus auratus (Nees) Huygh Dümmer R.A. 1914-03 Cyperaceae BR BR0000020302726
collected Aframomum mildbraedii Loes. Dümmer R.A. 1915-05 Zingiberaceae BR BR0000024587570
collected Brachymenium leptophyllum (Bruch & Schimp. ex Müll.Hal.) Bruch & Schimp. ex A.Jaeger Dümmer R.A. 1915-06 Bryaceae BR BR5040050731009
collected Cyperus dereilema Steud. Dümmer R.A. 1913-12 Cyperaceae BR BR0000006560638
collected Spermacoce sp. Dümmer R.A. 1914-01 Rubiaceae BR BR0000008212566
collected Cyperaceae indet. Dümmer R.A. 1914-06 Cyperaceae BR BR0000009136335
collected Ajuga zakhoensis Rech.f. Dümmer R.A. Lamiaceae BR BR0000017726634
collected Cassipourea ruwensorensis (Engl.) Alston Dümmer R.A. 1916-07 Rhizophoraceae BR BR0000017805537
collected Sorghum sp. Dümmer R.A. 1913-12 Poaceae BR BR0000018740240
collected Hydrocotyle ranunculoides L.f. Dümmer R.A. 1914-11 Apiaceae BR BR0000019581859
collected Bulbophyllum falcatum (Lindl.) Rchb.f. Dümmer R.A. 1916-09 Orchidaceae BR BR0000020032685
collected indet. Dümmer R.A. BR BR0000020312558
collected Panicum repens L. Dümmer R.A. 1915-01 Poaceae BR BR0000021234545
collected Juncus effusus L. Dümmer R.A. 1915-02 Juncaceae BR BR0000021771378
collected Cyperus cyperoides (L.) Kuntze Dümmer R.A. 1914-10 Cyperaceae BR BR0000024817677
collected Amaranthus graecizans L. Dümmer R.A. Amaranthaceae BR BR0000013792541
collected Melinis tenuissima Stapf Dümmer R.A. 1917-02 Poaceae BR BR0000024709156
collected Sacciolepis sp. Dümmer R.A. 1915-05 Poaceae BR BR0000024778060
collected Cyperus articulatus L. Dümmer R.A. 1915-03 Cyperaceae BR BR0000024809498
collected Cyperus longus L. Dümmer R.A. 1915-02 Cyperaceae BR BR0000025264357