Specimen Data Used In

Whitman, M., Beaman, R. S., Repin, R., Kitayama, K., Aiba, S., & Russo, S. E. (2021). Edaphic specialization and vegetation zones define elevational range‐sizes for Mt Kinabalu regional flora. Ecography. doi:10.1111/ecog.05873 https://doi.org/10.1111/ecog.05873

Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Begonia aequilateralis Irmsch. Goodenough, S. Kiew, R. 1899-10-00 2007-06-25 Begoniaceae K K000501034 holotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Musa malaccensis Ridl. Goodenough, S. 1893-07-00 Musaceae K K000292201 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Musa acuminata subsp. malaccensis Goodenough Musaceae Bioversity 2617971 UNKNOWN
collected Dracaena congesta Ridl. Goodenough 1894-06-00 Asparagaceae K K000401304 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Vitex vestita Wall. ex Walp. Goodenough de Kok, R.P.J. 1899-00-00 2004-00-00 Lamiaceae K K000222811 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN