Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Arthopyrenia padi W. A Weber 1961-03-27 Naetrocymbaceae MICH 75253
collected Naetrocymbe punctiformis W.A. Weber; Santesson A. Aptroot 1966-04-04 1999 Naetrocymbaceae COLO COLO-L-0002260
collected Naetrocymbe punctiformis W.A. Weber updated by T.L. Esslinger (A Cumulative Checklist for the Lichen-forming, Lichenicolous and Allied Fungi of the Continental United States and Canada) 13 December 2012 0000-00-00 2012 Naetrocymbaceae COLO COLO-L-0002236
collected Leptorhaphis atomaria W.A. Weber A. Aptrout 1959-07-25 1991 Naetrocymbaceae COLO COLO-L-0025247
collected Arthopyrenia punctiformis W.A. Weber; D.D. Awasthi A. Aptroot 1961-03-27 Naetrocymbaceae ASU 236957
collected Arthopyrenia punctiformis W.A. Weber; R. Santesson A. Aptroot 1966-04-04 2000-01-01 Naetrocymbaceae ASU
collected Leptorhaphis sp. William A. Weber Aperoot 1970-04-24 1991 Naetrocymbaceae COLO COLO-L-0025260
collected Arthopyrenia padi Weber, W.; Awasthi, D. 1961-03-27 Naetrocymbaceae MSC 97241
collected Arthopyrenia punctiformis Weber, W. 1966-07-22 Naetrocymbaceae MIN 677116