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Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected identified Taraxacum dens-leonis Turrentine, John William Turrentine, John William 1901-04-27 1901-04-27 Asteraceae NCU NCU00212282 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hypoxis hirsuta Turrentine, John William Herndon, A. 1901-04-27 1989-09-30 Hypoxidaceae NCU NCU00213940 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Krigia virginica Turrentine, John William Kim, Ki-Joong 1901-04-27 1989-00-00 Asteraceae NCU NCU00349688 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Phlox nivalis subsp. hentzii Lewis, Ivey F. Wherry, Edgar T. 1861 1956-00-00 Polemoniaceae NCU NCU00127190 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Oxalis violacea Turrentine, [John] 1901-04-30 Oxalidaceae NCU NCU00146808 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Vaccinium stamineum Turrentine, [John] 1901-05-02 Ericaceae NCU NCU00099578 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Thalictrum thalictroides Turrentine, John Anonymous 1901-04-07 s.d. Ranunculaceae NCU NCU00061730 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ranunculus abortivus Turrentine, [John] 1901-04-20 Ranunculaceae NCU NCU00049998 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ranunculus hispidus var. hispidus Turrentine, [John] 1901-03-30 Ranunculaceae NCU NCU00060204 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Viola bicolor Turrentine, [John] 1901-03-30 Violaceae NCU NCU00110022 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Viola affinis Turrentine, [John] 1901-04-13 Violaceae NCU NCU00095885 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hepatica nobilis var. obtusa Turrentine, John McCormick, Carol Ann 1901-04-07 2005 Ranunculaceae NCU NCU00051688 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Trillium catesbaei Turrentine, John Smith, Stanley J. 1901 1947-00-00 Melanthiaceae NCU NCU00061362 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN