Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Carex canescens var. canescens P. Krylov Strong, Mark T., (BOT), Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of Natural History (UNITED STATES) 1912 Cyperaceae US US 3200531
collected Oxytropis pilosa P. Krylov 1881 Fabaceae US US 597868
collected Botrychium virginianum P. Krylov 1902 Ophioglossaceae US US 3586406
collected identified Thalictrum petaloideum P. Krylov P. Krylov 1901 1901-05-18 Ranunculaceae O 2136025
collected identified Allium stellerianum P. Krylov P. Krylov 1912 1912-06-04 Amaryllidaceae O 2184600
collected identified Astragalus semibilocularis P. Krylov P. Krylov 1901 1901-03-21 Fabaceae O 2142795
collected identified Corydalis nobilis P. Krylov P. Krylov 1901 1901-04-26 Papaveraceae O 2133597
collected identified Spiraea trilobata P. Krylov P. Krylov 1903 1903-06-11 Rosaceae O 2160559
collected identified Ranunculus amoenus P. Krylov P. Krylov 1901 1901-05-02 Ranunculaceae O 2136723
collected Ranunculus arcticus Richardson P. Krylov 1901-06-29 Ranunculaceae S S16-20245
collected Potentilla nivea L. P. Krylov 1891-07-31 Rosaceae S S15-53509
collected Psephellus sibiricus (L.) Wagenitz P. Krylov 1901-05-18 Asteraceae S S20-3678
collected identified Stipa splendens Trin. P. Krylov Identified by the collector 1892-07-18 Poaceae GBS RAN - Glavny Botanichesky Sad Rossijskoj Akademii Nauk MHA0005307
collected Saxifraga cernua L. P. Krylov 1901-07-06 Saxifragaceae S S18-975
collected Chrysanthemum sinuatum Ledeb. P. Krylov 1901-06-30 Asteraceae S S17-44129
collected Achillea nobilis L. P. Krylov 1913-07-01 Asteraceae S S17-39394
collected Erigeron uniflorus L. P. Krylov 1901-07-05 Asteraceae S S16-31148
collected Ancathia igniaria (Spreng.) DC. P. Krylov 1913-07-20 Asteraceae S S20-183
collected Lonicera tatarica L. P. Krylov Caprifoliaceae VAL 14858-1
collected Hedysarum alpinum P. Krylov 1892 Fabaceae LD 2061777
collected Populus alba L. P. Krylov 1902-05-28 Salicaceae MA MA-01-00352856