Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Thespesia mossambicensis (Exell & Hillc.) Fryxell Mendonça F.A. 1942-10-22 Malvaceae BR BR0000006248093 Isotype of Thespesiopsis mossambicensis Exell & Hillc.
collected Ochna beirensis N.Robson Mendonça F.A. 1944-10-16 Ochnaceae BR BR0000006265823 Isotype of Ochna beirensis N.Robson
collected Indigofera mupensis Torre Mendonça F.A. 1956-10-25 Fabaceae BR BR0000090034152 Isotype of Indigofera mupensis Torre
collected Hibiscus rupicola Exell Mendonça F.A. 1942-10-03 Malvaceae BR BR0000006247416 Isotype of Hibiscus rupicola Exell
collected Hibiscus meyeri subsp. meyeri Mendonça F.A. 1944-11-22 Malvaceae BR BR0000006248390 Isotype of Hibiscus mendoncae Exell
collected Dichapetalum deflexum (Klotzsch) Engl. Mendonça F.A. 1944-08-30 Dichapetalaceae BR BR0000008889515 Isotype of Dichapetalum mendoncae Torre
collected Rotheca myricoides subsp. myricoides var. discolor (Klotzsch) Verdc. Mendonça F.A. 1942-11-12 Lamiaceae BR BR0000013205867 Isotype of Clerodendrum myricoides subsp. myricoides var. discolor f. lobulatum R.Fern.
collected Rotheca myricoides subsp. myricoides var. discolor f. alatipetiolatum (R.Fern.) R.Fern. Mendonça F.A. 1948-01-06 Lamiaceae BR BR0000008718631 Isotype of Clerodendrum myricoides subsp. myricoides var. discolor f. alatipetiolatum R.Fern.
collected Ensete ventricosum (Welw.) Cheesman Mendonça F.A. 1944-10-24 Musaceae BR BR0000005153015
collected Monodora junodii Engl. & Diels Mendonça F.A. Annonaceae BR BR0000014059728
collected Diospyros loureiriana subsp. loureiriana Mendonça F.A. Ebenaceae BR BR0000014882715
collected Adiantum incisum Forssk. Mendonça F.A. Pteridaceae BR BR0000015486967
collected Chamaecrista grantii (Oliv.) Standley Mendonça F.A. Fabaceae BR BR0000016504943
collected Abutilon angulatum var. angulatum Mendonça F.A. 1948-05-16 Malvaceae BR BR0000016881495
collected Hugonia orientalis Engl. Mendonça F.A. 1942-10-27 Linaceae BR BR0000017413213
collected Rawsonia lucida Harv. & Sond. Mendonça F.A. Achariaceae BR BR0000017517669
collected Xylotheca kraussiana Hochst. Mendonça F.A. Achariaceae BR BR0000017523301
collected Tricliceras longepedunculatum (Mast.) R.Fern. Mendonça F.A. 1942-09-07 Turneraceae BR BR0000018495096
collected Adenia hastata var. hastata Mendonça F.A. 1944-11-06 Passifloraceae BR BR0000019058252
collected Trichilia emetica subsp. emetica Mendonça F.A. 1948-08-31 Meliaceae BR BR0000019209623
collected Turraea nilotica Kotschy & Peyr. Mendonça F.A. 1948-10-17 Meliaceae BR BR0000019210162
collected Olax dissitiflora Oliv. Mendonça F.A. 1942-11-05 Olacaceae BR BR0000019337630
collected Pleopeltis polypodioides subsp. ecklonii (Kunze) J.P.Roux Mendonça F.A. Polypodiaceae BR BR0000019902425
collected Corchorus asplenifolius Burch. Mendonça F.A. 1944-11-07 Malvaceae BR BR0000020010423
collected Combretum stocksii Sprague Mendonça F.A. Combretaceae BR BR0000015023285
collected Combretum engleri Schinz Mendonça F.A. Combretaceae BR BR0000015077295
collected Capparis sp. Mendonça F.A. Capparaceae BR BR0000015084071
collected Maerua edulis (Gilg & Gilg-Ben.) DeWolf Mendonça F.A. Capparaceae BR BR0000015108524
collected Artabotrys brachypetalus Benth. Mendonça F.A. Annonaceae BR BR0000015143020
collected Blechnum tabulare (Thunb.) Kuhn Mendonça F.A. Blechnaceae BR BR0000016334519