Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Solanum paniculatum L. Moricand, S. - Solanaceae M M-0165959 / 539683 / 222297 type
collected Manihot jacobinensis Müll.Arg. Moricand Euphorbiaceae K K000600349 syntype
collected Merremia cissoides (Lam.) Hallier f. Moricand, S. - Convolvulaceae M M-0184795 / 591073 / 260997 not a type
collected Mitracarpus anthospermoides K.Schum. Moricand P.C.Standley Rubiaceae K K000016474 isotype
collected Paypayrola blanchetiana Tul. Moricand Hekking, W.H.A. 1996-02-02 Violaceae K K000327757 isotype
collected Marcetia canescens Naudin Moricand Melastomataceae K K000329324 isotype
collected Trigonia nivea var. fasciculata (Griseb.) Lleras [Moricand] 1838-00-00 Trigoniaceae K K000471076 isotype
collected Microlicia taxifolia Naudin Moricand R. Romero 2013-03-00 Melastomataceae K K000530460 isotype
collected Cuphea pulchra Moric. Moricand Graham, S.A. 1997-10-14 Lythraceae K K000533102 isotype
collected Aphelandra bahiensis (Nees) Wassh. Moricand Wasshausen, D.C. 1973-07-00 Acanthaceae K K000534449 isotype
collected Solanum salviaefolium Dunal [Moricand] Agra, M.F. 1992-09-01 Solanaceae K K000590214 isotype
collected Heladena biglandulosa A.Juss. Moricand Malpighiaceae MNHN P00671780 isotype
identified Styrax subcordatus Moric. Blanchet, J.S. Moricand 1841 Styracaceae MNHN P00057453 isosyntype
collected Fevillea albiflora Cogn. Moricand Robinson, G.L. 1985-00-00 Cucurbitaceae K K000372560 isolectotype
collected Nectandra globosa Mez var. barbeyana Mez Moricand Rohwer, J. 1983-00-00 Lauraceae K K000576228 isolectotype
collected Tabernaemontana solanifolia A.DC. Moricand Leeuwenberg, A.J.M. 1991-00-00 Apocynaceae K K000587782 isolectotype
collected Eugenia plicatocostata O.Berg Moricand Sobral, M. 2005-00-00 Myrtaceae K K000276386 Unknown type material
collected Guettarda paludosa Müll.Arg. Blanchet; Moricand 1840-00-00 Rubiaceae K K000003482 Unknown type material
collected Eugenia cassinoides O.Berg Moricand Sobral, M. 2005-00-00 Myrtaceae K K000276387 Unknown type material
collected Xyris blanchetiana Malme Moricand Xyridaceae K K000587074 Unknown type material
collected Evolvulus phyllanthoides Moric. Blanchet; Moricand 1840-00-00 Convolvulaceae K K000613180 Unknown type material
collected Rudgea involucrata Müll.Arg. Moricand Rubiaceae K K000843151 Unknown type material
collected Rudgea blanchetiana Müll.Arg. Moricand Rubiaceae K K000843154 Unknown type material
collected Solanum paniculatum L. Moricand Moise-Etienne (Stefano) Solanaceae BR BR0000013507060 Type of Solanum manoelii Moric.
collected Anodonta moricandii S. Moricand Unionidae USNM 86695 Type
collected Cyclostoma disjunctum Morie Stefano Moricand [no agent data] Megalomastomatidae MCZ 89846 Syntype of Cyclostoma disjunctum
collected identified Ampullaria decussata Moricand, 1836 Moricand Ampullariidae ZMB/Moll 61092 SYNTYPE
collected Strophocheilus oblongus conicus Bq.+Cl. Stefano Moricand [no agent data] Strophocheilidae MCZ 151447 Paratype of Strophocheilus oblongus conicus
collected Simpulopsis pseudosuccinea Moric Stefano Moricand [no agent data] Simpulopsidae MCZ 26190 Paratype of Simpulopsis pseudosuccinea
collected Simpulopsis citrinovitrea Moric Stefano Moricand [no agent data] Simpulopsidae MCZ 26194 Paratype of Simpulopsis citrinovitrea