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Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Chloris bahiensis M. Moricand Poaceae US US 2639951 type fragment PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Rhynchospora corymbosa Ex herb. Stefano Moricand Cyperaceae US US 3645848 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Scleria tessellata Ex herb. Stefano Moricand Cyperaceae US US 3645861 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hypolepis repens (L.) C. Presl Moricand --/--/1930 s. d. Dennstaedtiaceae US US01463152 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Ficinia nodosa Ex herb. Stefano Moricand Strong, Mark T., (BOT), Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of Natural History (UNITED STATES) Cyperaceae US US 3648030 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Echinochloa colona M. Moricand Poaceae US US 3298781 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Luehea grandiflora M. Moricand Setser, H. L., (KY), University of Kentucky Malvaceae US US 593444 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Hypolepis repens Moricand 1930 Dennstaedtiaceae US US 1470314 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN