Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Nectandra globosa (Aubl.) Mez Sagot P.-A. 1855 Lauraceae BR BR0000008823106 Type of Nectandra vaga Meisn. var. major Meisn.
collected Ocotea oblonga (Meisn.) Miq. Sagot P.-A. 1857 Lauraceae BR BR0000005119950 Isotype of Mespilodaphne oblonga Meisn.
collected Licaria chrysophylla (Meisn.) Kosterm. Sagot P.-A. 1856 Lauraceae BR BR0000008806918 Isotype of Acrodiclidium chrysophyllum Meisn.
collected Ocotea neesiana (Miq.) Kosterm. Sagot P.-A. 1858 Lauraceae BR BR0000013053192 Isosyntype of Gymnobalanus sprucei Meisn.