Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Sciadotenia cayennensis Benth. Sagot P.-A. 1854 Menispermaceae BR BR0000005227235 Syntype of Sciadotenia cayennensis Benth.
collected Abuta grandifolia (Mart.) Sandwith Sagot P.-A. 1857 Menispermaceae BR BR0000005639151 Syntype of Anelasma pallidum Miers
collected Sciadotenia sagotianum (Eichler) Diels Sagot P.-A. 1855 Menispermaceae BR BR0000005226863 Isotype of Sychnosepalum sagotianum Eichler
collected Abuta candollei Triana & Planch. Sagot P.-A. 1859-03 Menispermaceae BR BR0000005639472 Isotype of Abuta candollei Triana & Planch.
collected Abuta barbata Miers Sagot P.-A. 1856 Menispermaceae BR BR0000005224746 Isotype of Abuta barbata Miers
collected Orthomene schomburgkii (Miers) Barneby & Krukoff Sagot P.-A. 1857 Menispermaceae BR BR0000005844531
collected Hyperbaena domingensis (DC.) Benth. Sagot P.-A. 1855 Menispermaceae BR BR0000005844760
collected Cissampelos andromorpha DC. Sagot P.-A. 1859 Menispermaceae BR BR0000005845859