Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Sicydium tamnifolium (Kunth) Cogn. Duss A. Cucurbitaceae BR BR0000006605858 Type of Sicydium tamnifolium Cogn. var. dussii Cogn.
collected Pseudocentrum guadalupense Cogn. Duss A. 1895-11-03 Orchidaceae BR BR0000016298644 Type of Pseudocentrum guadalupense Cogn.
collected Pleurothallis mazei Urb. Duss A. 1903-10-01 Orchidaceae BR BR0000008434937 Type of Pleurothallis mazei Urb.
collected Trichosalpinx dura (Lindl.) Luer Duss A. 1904-04-11 Orchidaceae BR BR0000008434821 Type of Pleurothallis guadelupensis Cogn.
collected Barbosella prorepens (Rchb.f.) Schltr. Duss A. Orchidaceae BR BR0000009972810 Type of Pleurothallis dussii Cogn.
collected Henriettella dussii Cogn. Duss A. 1890 Melastomataceae BR BR0000005630233 Type of Henriettella dussii Cogn.
collected Habenaria dussii Cogn. Duss A. 1897-10 Orchidaceae BR BR0000006572341 Type of Habenaria dussii Cogn.
collected Epidendrum urbanianum Cogn. Duss A. Orchidaceae BR BR0000006573386 Type of Epidendrum urbanianum Cogn.
collected Miconia martinicensis Cogn. Duss A. Melastomataceae BR BR0000005210848 Syntype of Miconia martinicensis Cogn.
collected Maxillaria virguncula Rchb.f. Duss A. 1903-04-20 Orchidaceae BR BR0000006811525 Syntype of Maxillaria guadalupensis Cogn.
collected Campylocentrum pygmaeum Cogn. Duss A. 1903-10-29 Orchidaceae BR BR0000009972544 Possible type of Campylocentrum pygmaeum Cogn.
collected Stelis pygmaea Cogn. Duss A. 1903-12 Orchidaceae BR BR0000006593223 Lectotype of Stelis pygmaea Cogn.
collected Stelis perpusilliflora Cogn. Duss A. Orchidaceae BR BR0000006592561 Holotype of Stelis perpusilliflora Cogn.
collected Stelis dussii Cogn. Duss A. 1898-12-16 Orchidaceae BR BR0000006592219 Holotype of Stelis dussii Cogn.
collected Sicydium tamnifolium Cogn. var. dussii Cogn. Duss A. 1897-03 Cucurbitaceae BR BR0000005636822
collected Sicydium tamnifolium Cogn. var. dussii Cogn. Duss A. 1892 Cucurbitaceae BR BR0000005636815
collected Ceratosanthes corniculata (Lam.) Cogn. Duss A. Cucurbitaceae BR BR0000005200603