Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status
collected Melanella acicula (Gould, 1849) Drayton [no agent data] Eulimidae MCZ 169033 Syntype of Stilifer acicula| Voucher of Stilifer acicula
collected Perna nana Gould, 1850 Drayton [no agent data] Pteriidae MCZ 216769 Syntype of Perna nana
collected Neritina cholerica Gould Drayton [no agent data] Neritidae MCZ 216755 Syntype of Neritina cholerica
collected Physa sinuata Gould Drayton [no agent data] Physidae MCZ 169375 Paratype of Physa sinuata
collected Helix tumulus Gould Drayton [no agent data] Trochomorphidae MCZ 169408 Lectotype of Helix tumulus
collected Stilifer acicula J. Drayton Eulimidae USNM 5645 Holotype
collected Perna nana J. Drayton Pteriidae USNM 5981 Holotype