Specimen Data Used In

Zhang, Q., J. Ye, C. Le, D. M. Njenga, N. R. Rabarijaona, W. O. Omollo, L. Lu, et al. 2022. New insights into the formation of biodiversity hotspots of the Kenyan flora. Diversity and Distributions. https://doi.org/10.1111/ddi.13624

Scientific Name Collected By Identified By Date Collected Date Identified Family Institution Catalog Number Type Status Basis Of Record
collected Bersama abyssinica subsp. paullinioides (Planch.) Verdc. John J. Lavranos|L.E. Newton M. Merello (MO) 1979 1995 Melianthaceae MO 986005 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Adenostemma caffrum DC. John J. Lavranos|L.E. Newton R.D. Noyes 1979 1994 Asteraceae MO 590422 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Erianthemum dregei (Eckl. & Zeyh.) Tiegh. John J. Lavranos R.M. Polhill (K) 1979 1992 Loranthaceae MO 724781 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Crassocephalum picridifolium (DC.) S. Moore John J. Lavranos H. Beentje (K) 1979 2003 Asteraceae MO 1901518 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Parapentas battiscombei Verdc. John J. Lavranos D. Bridson (K) 1979 2000 Rubiaceae MO 1421789 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Allophylus ferrugineus var. ferrugineus John J. Lavranos R. Gereau (MO) 1979 2000 Sapindaceae MO 1472436 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Stathmostelma rhacodes K. Schum. John J. Lavranos|L.E. Newton D.J. Goyder 1979 1999 Apocynaceae MO 1354693 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Plectranthus laxiflorus Benth. John J. Lavranos|L.E. Newton A. Paton (K) 1979 1996 Lamiaceae MO 1076406 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Plectranthus edulis (Vatke) Agnew John J. Lavranos A. Paton (K) 1979 1996 Lamiaceae MO 1003080 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Solenostemon latifolius (Hochst. ex Benth.) J.K. Morton John J. Lavranos A. Paton (K) 1979 1996 Lamiaceae MO 1003082 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Geniosporum rotundifolium Briq. John J. Lavranos A. Paton (K) 1979 1996 Lamiaceae MO 1003084 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collected Orthosiphon parvifolius Vatke John J. Lavranos A. Paton (K) 1981 1996 Lamiaceae MO 1003079 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN